Funny Stuff Thread.... to loosen your day


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The makers of this are aware of the hopelessness of their own situation w.r.t. what they want to see, when in fact all these groups / ethnicities are well incorporated into the Chinese nation (including a non-trivial portion of Taiwanese themselves).

Interested to see if they make a hentai version... to boost sales of course... the current 3000 or so supporters on their page isn't going to make mass manufacture a walk in the park
Ah yes my favorite, games that glorify nazi collaborators.

I.e. What US state department is playing in Europe, but IRL.


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I don't use Twitter. What does the weather in Beijing have to do with anything?
Original tweet by selinawangtv had a picture of fog, tried to pass that off as pollution.

Tbh, i think there's little damage that these 'journalists' can do, much of their takes are blatantly wrong, to the point of people heckling them in the comments.

Unless they break laws, i would just leave them be and slowly have them expose themselves as the biased frauds they are. Similar approach to the hk rioters - allow them to make themselves a nuisance, to the point that anyone reasonably astute can see that they are just that - paid frauds