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Sorry but I had to post this... the irony is lost on them too often.

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As we all know Indians are well known the world over for their sanitation and cleanliness. So much so in fact that certain forums have to ban words like "toilet" and "open defecation", presumably to reduce fake news accusations against these superior Aryan people.
The same thing happened during the previous tank race in Russia. The one where one of the Chinese tanks lost a wheel after a jump and all the Indians jumped on it screaming "China quality bad!" or "Made in China lolz". They seem to either forget or ignore that the same game, all three of the Indian tanks broke down and failed barely out of the starting line. These were their own "high-end" tanks too which due to them all breaking down without even getting close to the halfway point, got them disqualified. And here's the kicker, the Chinese team won second place after everything was done. A functioning brain is lost on them.