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Jeff Head

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You may have noticed that my involvement on SD has been somewhat less that in times past.

This is because of continuing health issues I have. I am not stopping SD involvement, and will continue to do what I can, but becasue of certain conditions with my health associated with the cancer I contracted back in 2009-2010, I am not able to spend as much time as I did in times past.

Good Lord willing and with the marvels of modern medicine, if these issues are addressed, treated and resovled appropriately, I will be able to get back to something more normal...but that is by no means a sure thing at this point.

Your thoughts and prayers would, as always, be appreciated. In the mean time I will try and do what I can to help keep SD the premier Defense Site on the Web, partcularly pertaining to the Chinese defense happenings.

And at the same time, as always, I will trust in the loving care of my Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ for their comfort and guidance. In the end, in my faith, all of our lives are in their hands. Also in the love and care of my dear wife, who has been a personal angel to me for 38 years and my five loving kids and eleven grandkids.



The Capitalist
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Very sorry to hear that Jeff. I can but only wish you well and hope that your Doctors,your Faith and your Love can bring you through.
For what it is worth, I will now be able to be present more on the boards and do my bit keeping things in line.


The Troll Hunter
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Hi Jeff,

Sorry to hear about that. I pray and hope that you get well soon and get through this tough time quickly.

Please focus on your health - we will hold down the fort.

Jeff Head

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Well, no one mentioned it, and I was down in Houston in the hospital when these happened...but it is PAST TIME to welcome @FORBIN @Jura and @Deino to our 5,000 Post club at SD!

Welcome you guys!

Come on in...the water is fine. Luxuriate in this special SD club and congratulations on surpassing 5,000 posts!

So these are our current eleven 5,000 post club members:

Jeff Head 19,636

bd popeye


Equation 8,072

TerraN_EmpirE 7,795



AssassinsMace 6,408

FORBIN 6,028

asif iqbal 5,721

delft 5,703

Jura 5,408

escobar 5,393

Deino 5,299

That's 14 members now at over 5,000 posts!

And guess what...the highly esteemed @Air Force Brat is right at the door!

AFB now has 4,945 posts! Another 55 posts and he joins our club too!

Welcome all...proud to have all of you as members and friends!

Jeff Head

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Well, I thought I would dedicate my 20,000th post to the SD froum in general and to a number of really good posters, and good people we have resideing here that has made my time here enjoyable, instructive, and just exciting when it comes to that Naval Enthusiast bug we all have.

First and foremost...hands down, to my good friend @bd popeye. have told many people here, and alsewhere, that Popeye is the heart and soul of this forum and one of the reasons it so exceptionally good. You have a good man, who spent decades of his life living what we are enthused about, who is wiling to share, within reason and within the rules associated with his own clearance, the things he has learned, and the things he has observed, with the rest of us. And to do so in as fair and as congenical and friendly a manner as possible.

Thanks Gerry for being the epitomy of making SD what it is.

There are so many others, who themselves are fair minded and willing to share and willing to learn. There are so many to list...and here they no certain order, and cetainly not a complete list:

@tphuang @Obi Wan Russell @Air Force Brat @Deino @cirvine11 @FORBIN @navyreco @Jura @SouthernSky @Brumby @asif iqbal @Miragedriver @Equation @AssassinsMace @Bltizo @siegecrossbow @plawolf @kwaigonegin @TerraN_EmpirE @A.Man @Blackstone @escobar @SamuraiBlue @MwRYum @Norfolk @Tasman @Scratch @Janiz @delft @PanAsian @Engineer @joshuatree ... and of course @WebMaster! .I could go on and on.

Anyhow...with post 20,000, I just wanted to make the tribute to the forum itself and so many who make it what it is.



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