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Re: PS and artist renditions

The second pic has long been debunked as BS..The first drawing is a nice rendition.



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Re: PS and artist renditions

Sea Basing.. Chinese style!
Alright, now that we're at it, I have to also show the submersible LPH, CVN, and the whole task force as envisioned several years ago in the
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US Navy SSLPHN submersible Amphibious Assault


US Navy SSCVN submersible Aircraft Carrier


US Navy Complete Submersible Task Force​


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Re: PS and artist renditions

those subs ain't got nothing on the look of any of the large number in Japanese Anime.

I loike the Rovak Redress and the Stealth is nice too. you got too love the PS'ed Chinese flag on the Nimitz class ship.

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Re: PS and artist renditions

This was posted in the PS/artist thread that disappeared..



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Re: PS and artist renditions

Well. I came up with something semi-original for a change.

A 30,000-ton container ship converted into a LHP, designed to carry a typical PLA light division's air assault battalion/regiment and its associated aviation wing: 6 Z-9WAs and 6 Mi-17s.

Each flight deck module measures 80 ft by 80 ft. The flight deck will be rather crammed when the ship is fulling loaded, and only the two center deck module can be used for flight operation. The main reason being the PLA ground force's helicopters don't have folding rotor blades. Two refueling / rearming stations -- one at the bow and one at the stern are present. Troop modules are located behind the bridge.

The ship will obviously NOT be used for operations beyond a couple hundred nautical miles.

Please feel free to comment on / critique the idea. :)


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Re: PS and artist renditions

No hangar bay I assume? How willl the crew work on the helos? They do break down ya' know.

Those containers ships have only one screw. If that were to be disabled during conflict or hi-tempo operations she's dead in the water.


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Re: PS and artist renditions

Popeye is the master of deck operations as I suspected. :D

Both are good points:

1. Nope, no hangar for major maintenance work, only a couple of deck vehicles for reloading / re-arming. Of course, if you blew a fuse, I suspect there'd be spares onboard, but no hoisting the engine out to work on it. I guess one could rotate the helos between an ad-hoc LHP like this and a true LHD, so each helicopter can get some maintenance time every other flight.

2. The ship will be part of a larger amphibious operation and operate 40 clicks offshore to minimize the chance of it getting hit. But yeah, it would be a rather vulnerable target.

I believe it's an idea the PLA has considered. China's got a large fleet of container ships, and with relatively cheap conversions like this, they'd be able to field more air assault units than what their meager number of LHDs allow them to. The concept is kind of a step up from the Royal Navy's use of the Atlantic Conveyor during the Falklands War:

BTW, what do you think about the deck operation?
2 Mi-17s taking off or landing simultaneously sounds reasonable?

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Re: PS and artist renditions

Panzerkom you are doing a great job with those drawings.

The first US CV the USS Langley CV-1 was a converted collier(coal ship) and it had a hangar. But first China needs helos with blades that fold.

The first pic is of the ship before her conversion. The second is of course the conversion to a carrier. The third her hangar.


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