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The rumor from China said that the Xi administration was about to "surrender" with the first draft between Robert Lighthizer and Liu He. But Trump's team pushed a little too far in the draft. When Liu He presented the draft to the politburo, he was facing overwhelming objection. So China was forced to walk away. Finally, Trump's team compromised with the second draft, a.k.a. the first phase agreement as we know now, which was a significant watered down draft in comparison to the first draft. As the time passes, China is standing firmer than most decision makers in Zhongnanhai expecting. Huawei is one of the brightest surprises. As the time glides into the Covid era and Trump leaving the white house, people in that complex finally have waken to the fact that China is economically more resilient than they actually thought. None of the trade war triumph was designed. It just so happened. As the 推背图 illustrated, 国运来了挡都挡不住。

well, it is because of the best negotiator ever lived in the world ... well, what he (Trump) claimed anyway ... at least ;)


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No wonder so many factories shut down.
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Producer prices of industrial products increased by 45.8% on the same month last year, the Federal Statistical Office reported on Tuesday. Compared to July 2022, prices rose 7.9%, it added.
Total annihilation is coming for the German industry.

History in the making


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