Espionage involving China


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man i thought chinese hackers were better than this, hope they at least improved the code
Firstly, the credibility of such news is always sus, as they reply on ‘anonymous security sources’, and western intelligence affiliated entities who could just be feeding them fake news.

Secondly, even if the news is true, no evidence (or even basic outlines of methods) is ever presented to show any links to China. VPN would be pointless is it was so easy to unwind to trace back to true source. More likely western intelligence agencies don’t have ready access to back doors and master codes with Chinese servers as they do with those made by western companies, and located in western or western controlled territories, so their IP tracing dead ends whenever a reroute server goes through China and they just decided to blame it on China.

Lastly, even if this was indeed the work of Chinese state hackers, so what? As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Why spend years reinventing the wheel when you can use ready made?

On top of the time saving, there could be a lot of benefits to deliberately using CIA codes, as a lot of the western cybersecurity outfits would probably just let you through and look the other way when they detect your activity as they think it’s their paymasters the CIA doing the dirty.

It also makes sense to use stolen CIA codes for high risk ops as if discovered, you don’t reveal your own codes and capabilities.