Discussing Biden's Potential China Policy


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US media puts 300% effort to shed bad light on issues in other foreign countries, but the same US media puts 10% effort on the same thing domestic news if it makes themselves look bad. Instead, US media acts like apologists, justifying flaws in an overly nuanced fashion, while flaws in foreign nations are black/white, good/evil, overly simplified, no room for nuance.

The most glaring example was HK postponing LegCo elections for 1 year citing pandemic, where UK, Australia, Canada, Germany postponed their local elections, citing pandemic and health risk. US Media: OMG CHINA BAD!!. Even Trump suggested postponing the US Presidential elections. Zero peep when UK/Australia/Canada/Germany/US does it/suggests it.. but Faux Outrage when China does it.

They will burn in hell and China will become a Superpower because of it. All their incessant lies and hypocrisy.
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Just an update, a lot of legal lawsuits by Trump campaign to throw out ballots are being dismissed as frivolous due to lack of evidence and hearsay.

So basically Trump has zero legal avenue to win. It will be a matter of time before he concedes I predict.

Trump's campaign is also attacking Fox News, signalling a breakup or divorce, since Fox News (as biased as they are) needs to maintain a veneer of credibility so they are not acting as a mouthpiece about fraud and fake ballots as much as Trump MAGAts want them to. Great to see, even Fox News is getting shitted on.