Discussing Biden's Potential China Policy


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We need to unconditionally support Middle East and Russia. The american nazis murdered civilians as well in the latest airstrikes. We need to build interoperational capabilities with the Iranians and Russia. They have more operational experience against american forces that are helpful for china to learn and exercise.
@j17wang , The China , Iran and Russia axis is a very strong deterrent against the US hegemony, each nation providing defense posture for each other so that they can focus their attention to their own sphere of influence and interest. with B&R it will be stronger not only economically but logistic as well. Iran is the easiest target among the three, That is the reason why the US won't leave Afghanistan and will try to destabilized Syria to encircle her to submit. And another thing Iran is more strategic than Saudi Arabia and Israel combine. They had a civilized Culture ,the manpower and intellectual ability/ capacity to be a regional power.
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