Discipline around low effort posts or poorly sourced posts


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This is just a pet peeve of mine. For posts with images, poster's comments or explanations should be placed on top, followed by the images. Placing comments on top is more convenient for readers because it prepares them for what they are about to see. I just hate scrolling down and down until the very bottom to see a comment, especially when the significance of the images is not immediately clear, then I have to scroll back up to re-examine the images with the comment in mind.

I understand why some might think it's a good idea to place comments after images, because this is how newspapers and books do it with image captions. However, most images in printed media are of modest dimensions, meaning you can take in an image and its accompanying caption in one glance. This is not the case for Sinodefence Forum, because the forum software doesn't downsize images to make them small enough. This is especially true for posts with multiple images, which often span one third of a page or more, so your eyes have to travel very far to take in the information.

Placing comments after images is yet another trend brought in by the new wave of members, and it makes the forum less readable and feel unnecessarily cluttered.
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