CV-18 Fujian/003 CATOBAR carrier thread


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Coloration is a bit strange, hard to see if there's still a cover above it on the deck or it's just strip of different materials. We need a video of the catapult sending a weighted trolly in the barge anchored in front of it.

It's been getting worked on over the last year or more, chances are it hasn't been painted yet or had the finishing touches put on it.

A video would be helpful, but if one is interested in why the colour is like that, my advice is just to keep waiting because at some point in the future they're going to paint it.



So beautiful and slick, the island is very small, significantly smaller than 002

Can't wait to see the specs and sailing in the ocean

Any confirmation yet whether it will be IEP ? I believe it is, will be awesome and excellent achievement for China.

The only carrier with IEP is Queen Elizabeth but is not a catobar and a bit smaller than 003
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