CV-18 Fujian/003 CATOBAR carrier thread


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I think we have been fooled once again
Dammit! Do we have the original photo that the fake is based on?

In the fake, the two remaining covers have no slogans on their roofs like in previous photos. Were the slogans photoshopped off or were they actually removed sometime?


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Does look like the cat is slightly moved to the left but hard to say IMO. Noteworthy though the OP who posted it in Twitter has since deleted it.

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Is that so? In this picture we have a clear sight of catapult's right edge for there is a long shadow line. However if we look closely the left edge is not so different than what we see in new photo thus we cannot be sure it's a fake yet.


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I am scratching my head as why people believed the CG in the first place. o_O The top covers of the bow cats are clearly P-Sed to remove the slogans, that makes the whole photo a fake. There is no reason for the ship yard to remove the slogan and paint the covers in gray from red.