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Why not launch in multiple directions if you have a flat deck? Several to the bow, lesser to the stern?
many many reason why this is a bad idea. Least of all, aircraft taking off are typically flying into the wind for better lift, taking off from the opposite direction would cause issues.

Maybe if we strap two carriers together we can achieve simultaneous sorties!

Richard Santos

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Launching into the wind affords greater safety margin, but is not essential for getting the aircraft airborne in many situations. Some WWII era carriers actually had catapults that launch aircraft sideways in addition to ones that launch aircraft over the bow. The reason why catapults on modern carriers are all pointed towards the bow and not pointed towards all points of compass is catapults takes up space on deck that could be used to fuel, arm and manueuver aircraft to the catapults. having 10 or 15 catapults might facilitate the stunt of sending 10-15 aircraft into the air at once, but it would make deck layout so inefficient that the set up time required to get 10-15 aircraft into the air would be much longer than on a carrier with just 2-4 forward pointing catapults.