Corvette/Light frigate thread (056A, sub-4000t FFLs)




From this angle, a hangar looks far more plausible than it did from the more foreshortened perspectives previously available.


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Maybe a non-popular take, but i think the designers might of got it a tiny bit incorrect for the new corvette and frigate. Since the Ukrane war started, it seems suicide uav boats are the new threat and modern ships should have more GUNs or Hellfire like missiles as part of defending itself and capital ships. The type-54a had 2 ciws reduced to 1 (i assume it can attack sea crafts) and the type-56 had 2 side guns reduce to smaller guns and maybe to non on this ship.

We don't even know if this thing is intended for service or if it is just a tech demonstrator.

If it's a tech demonstrator it doesn't matter how it is actually equipped because its armament wouldn't be used in anger to begin with.

If anything I think it would be more helpful for people to for now assume this thing is not intended for service use.
Pretend the weapons on this thing are mock-ups -- that may help to visualise this thing better.


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We MIGHT be stumbling onto something related to those bolded phrases above.

This "mini-Zumwalt" integrated test platform FFL is likely to be testing a new type of CODAG or CODLAG propulsion system alongside (slanted) sideway intakes for the propulsion system, among other things.

Posted by @伏尔戈星图 on Weibo.

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We may be seeing that kind of intake on 054B already.