Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


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Fire broke out at a production facility of Serum Institute of India (SII). Claimed to be the world's largest vaccine producer. Currently mass-producing Astra Zeneca's Covishield.

Hmm... Is India gonna blame China for this?
All this is proving is that India as a nation is so damn incompetent that they are literally there own worst enemy


hard to say, this is why vaccine trials are usually longer to test these things.

The key to vaccination is the herd. Having 2 guys immunized with a 50% effective vaccine makes it 75% effective between the 2.

That's why efforts must be made to try to avoid herd immunity skewing the trial results.

Testing 100 subjects in a hospital of 200 people are going to be heavily skewed by herd immunity than, say as an example, testing 100 subjects from a population of 10000 people from all the hospitals in a city.

Let's see what they're going to come up with the efficacy rates after the second dose, but 33% is quite a low figure to get boosted up from.


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Thoughts on what Nathan Rich has to say?

Meh don't buy into the lab made virus stuff. We must remain logical and start not from conclusions, but from blank slates.

hmmm, needs more evidence first but at least it is becoming less and less likely for the virus to have originated in China and and getting more and more likely to be originated in another location not that this justifies blame shifting but really it means that the west has got to stop kicking others down for something that isn't China's fault since really if it was up to them, well take a look at the UK and the fact that get no where near the criticism that China gets. If anything, this should be the year of retribution, not from China but where all the lies that the west is propagating about China come back to not only haunt them, but also bring them down hard as they simply will learn there lesson unless they really get hurt where it hurts most. If anything, it would be nice if the USA (the greatest propagator of all these lies gets the worst of it since they have and never will learn to stop being a bunch of hypocrites because of there media backing them and hiding the real truth. Hence why I hope this pandemic continues to be such a disaster in the USA because sooner or later, the media controllers are eventually going to get a good taste of karma one of these days.