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Brazilian researchers expect higher effectiveness when the vaccine is used in general population:
Covas (director of the Butantan Institute) said it predicts that higher effectiveness will be seen in community use, and that it expects the vaccine will have a very high effectiveness among the general population similar to trials in other countries.

Why vaccines have a lower efficacy among medical workers:
Volunteers for Sinovac's vaccine in Brazil are all medical workers who are at the highest risk of infection. It is also the world's first Phase III clinical trials conducted among only medical workers, reads the Sinovac document.

Medical workers are in a high exposure population, which would decrease vaccine's protection efficacy, Shao noted, citing an example of previous international Phase III clinical trials on an AIDS vaccine.

The trials show that the vaccine's efficacy is 30 percent in Thailand but 0 percent in South Africa while AIDS incidence rate in South Africa is four times that of Thailand.

The more a vaccine is attacked by the virus, the lower its efficacy would be, which could explain the comparatively low efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines in medical workers, Shao explained.
It is notable that the infection risk of Sinovac's trial environment is three times higher than Pfizer's and six times higher than Moderna's, Shao stressed. He said that the protection rate of a vaccine not only depends on its efficacy but also its environment of infection risk. He thought that Sinovac's vaccine would show better protection rate in the public.

Factors that may have dragged down the effectiveness:
Per Cove:
We chose the broadest number of symptoms. We would like to capture even the most simple symptoms. Those symptoms have not been included in similar studies, he said.

The trials in Brazil also recorded the biggest ratio of slight symptom cases - 85 percent - as the team used highly sensitive Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test.

Comparison with the AstraZeneca vaccine:
Recently, AstraZeneca released detailed data on its vaccine which shows it has a 70 percent efficacy for people showing symptoms and 27 percent efficacy for silent virus carriers.

When CoronaVac was given 3 weeks apart instead of 2 weeks, it was 20% more effective.
There were also 1,394 volunteers who received two doses three weeks apart instead of two weeks apart. Efficacy among the former group is about 20 percent higher than the latter group, which means the overall efficacy could improve if all volunteers follow a 21 day schedule for second doses, Shao Yiming, one of the vaccine developers and AIDS expert at the China's CDC, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

An advantage of the Sinovac vaccine:
These results demonstrate that the Sinovac vaccine would not lead to antibody-dependent enhancement which could bring about the failure of vaccines and infections that are even more serious.

CoronaVac's clinical trials on children and pregnant women will be conducted soon, according to Brazilian official.
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It seems the Brazilian trail and the Pfizer and Moderna trials are oranges and apples.

Ukraine pharma group to supply 5 mln doses of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine in H1​

KYIV, Jan 12 (Reuters) - Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Lekhim plans to deliver 5 million doses of China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine to Ukraine in the first half of 2021, the company told Reuters on Tuesday.

Lekhim has signed an agreement with China's leading vaccine manufacturer Sinovac Biotech on vaccine supply, Lekhim's head of marketing Eleonora Miroshnik said.

It includes 1.8 million doses to be delivered starting from March under health ministry procurement, she said.

Ukraine's presidential office said in late December that the health minister had signed a contract to buy 1.8 million doses of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine.

The Sinovac vaccine will be supplied independently of the COVAX initiative, which is coordinated by the World Health Organization.
Ukraine hopes to receive 8 million doses under the COVAX scheme.
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Personally I don't like the term "British virus" as well as "Chinese virus". The same to the term "the new variant was originated in the XXX". We should say it was first identified in the XXX. This is the world's virus, human's virus. It's the problem of all humankind, not of any particular nation.
Nah, that's too kind. Never seek equality from others and never give equality. Seize the advantage and make others seek equality from you. To me, the original COVID is "the virus first discovered in Wuhan because the Chinese are the most diligent and alert." The COVID situation in America is the Trump Plague and the new variant is the Bojo UK Virus-on-Steroids LOL
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107 local transmission is pretty bad for China. I hope they can get the situation in Hebei settled soon.

The new variant is a lot more transmissible so the old strategy that was tried in Wuhan won't necessarily work.