Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


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I think that was the intention. Mocking the many western intelligence experts' assessments of death in China as reported via AP, etc.
Those intelligence people can clearly suck ding ding for not only being incapable of backing up any thing with evidence but also trying there hardest to ignore the hypocrisy when the same statistics are clearing showing the opposite. Guess all that gloating when China is in the thick of things isn't so funny now....


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300 new coronavirus cases in victoria australia
Its interesting that victoria is the only state that experiencing a second wave in australia and at the same time its also the only state that signed up to China belt and road, with the premier daniel andrews is the only premier that advocating closer economic ties to China to create jobs, and has been under constant pressure to cancel the belt and road deal
this has made my conspiracy theorist spider sense tingling furiously lol


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Is this another save-face story to cover-up how they couldn't handle COVID-19 despite how they were suppose to be able handle outbreaks better than anyone else? At first they expected China to immediately identify COVID-19 and report it to world. Now they claim COVID-19 was in Europe months earlier yet they were not able to identify it going around themselves?


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this has made my conspiracy theorist spider sense tingling furiously lol

Framing it as a conspiracy against the Andrews government would be stretching it. The reality is far more simple; it was a combination of incompetence, greed and lack of common sense from the quarantine hotel guards.

From what I've seen so far since today and yesterday, people have been taking social distancing and facemasks (slightly) more seriously. Especially since they know they'll get smacked with a $200 AUD on-the-spot fine if they don't follow rules. Hopefully, the number of infections should decrease accordingly over the next few weeks.


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If the condition gets worse in India they will join the "blame China for this causing this virus" game, especially their media.

Umm... the Indian media were some of the first to this. Before any real new and information came out and before sober minds could discuss things, they've been hashtagging ChinaLiedPeopleDied and their bhakt armies have been on this ever since. I think they make at least as much noise about all this and responsible for as much slander and smearing (probably worse) than the Americans on a nominal and proportional level.