Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


May be due to case being imported from overseas. They should have been more care since without a vaccine, anything can happen

Might also be due to deliberate spreading of the virus by cockroaches (really living up to their name!) as a form of bioterrorism.

There was evidence posted in this very thread no long ago of this being advocated on the main cockroaches forums.

Anyone found to have actually done that needs to be treated as terrorists and hulk-smashed with the full force of the new security legislation.


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Because it is standing by "God" and "democracy"...Corona deaths be darn!:p
Haha. They have accused China of the same thing so absolutely no sympathy there. I like how every action that the USA takes against come back to hit them many times harder. Hopefully the western world can take a good long look at this and understand just what happens if you think that karma isn’t going to come for them



Bloomberg let it slip that 338000 have died from the Corona. How can Americans stand this rotten regime?

No, there are many reasons why people would stop paying for mobile phone contracts, and ironically, death isn’t necessarily one of them.

Most people in the west have monthly contracts that are automatically paid by their bank. As such, if people just died of COVID and didn’t have anyone to take care of their affairs, their mobile contracts would continue to be paid until their bank account runs out of funds.

The Americans tried to use the same kind of information to claim millions have died in China, which was patently false. As such, I do not think that this is anything like an accurate reflection of the Us COVID19 death toll (which would be massively higher than official figures, but not that much higher as you need to remember AT&T is only one of many providers, so cumulatively I would expect millions of cancelled mobile contracts across all providers in the US).

Unless, of course, you are just mocking the earlier American wild claims, in which case bravo and carry on. ;)

What this Report does show is the terrible financial burden COVID is placing on ordinary Americans, while the lion share of the US rescue packages have instead gone to prop up the stock market and line the pockets of the already filthy rich.
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