Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)

during each of the previous two days (March 22, 23) there had been slightly over one-hundred US deaths, but today it's going to be over two-hundred according to what I saw during the day, anyway wondering what's for the US quote/unquote acceptable


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Wearing mask will definitely protects others, washing hands will protect oneself and stop spreading through touch. Wear mask and wash hands together with social distancing will be much more effective.
There's still no definitive answer yet how this virus spread, by droplets or aerosolization.
The rate I gave was the daily death rate.
Today at 7:24 PM
Italy spread rate is coming down in the last few days, from over 790 to just over 600. It takes weeks of lockdown before rate can come down. There is hope this is the turning point.
so I now created for you this:

datenumber of Italians killed
March 20​
March 21​
March 22​
March 23​
March 24​

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