Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


I had a bad feeling when I saw someone commented on the naming non issue on YouTube and it had alot of up votes along. But for professional journalists to write about this really shows how low they can go
I wonder why they have to attach a Greek letter to each variant anyway. Do they do it with the seasonal flu?


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@SteelBird bro greed kills, BUT misinformation is a grave and criminal offense. mRNA should not be used for massive vaccination cause that technology isn't meant for that treatment, it is ideal for cancer. The latest Omicron variant is the result of Spike protein being injected to AIDS patient thus the mutation, it's the unintended consequence of the experimental drug. Short cut is being used for profits and political gains.
Its not unintended at all if you know the history of AIDS itself...

Funny how Pzifer already testing an Omnivirus variant of the vax they apparently just have in the workx


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Are China's local mRNA vaccines ready yet?


"Re-opening with Chinese characteristics" is highly contingent on the availability of Chinese local mRNA boosters shots, and how fast it can be mass produced and disseminated. After Delta and now Omnicron, mRNA boosters specifically tailored to new variants is neccessary or else China will be stuck in 'zero COVID' forever.

Anyone know the status of a Chinese local COVID anti-viral pills for severe cases? Inevitable breakthrough infections (with or without mRNA) will need protection from death, I'm sure China has prioritize this as well as part of it's long-term re-opening strategy.
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I really question the wisdom of approving a pill which is barely useful and fully studied enough to gauge side effects
Who the fuck cares, my Merck stock performance is more important than whether the medicine actually works

(no I don't hold Merck stock)

Time to make a quick buck, the US federal government won't punish the Merck board directors even if the drug causes cancer


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Merck be like: shit we losing our profits to Pfizer and Moderna, we need to get into the game FAST

Reminder to self and rest: quickly buy Merck stock before the end of day LMAO

Note to self: disregard whether the drug is useless, I'm in it for the personal profits

Note to self: hope this drug is fMRNA or something fanciful sounding to dupe naive American consumers