Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


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Malaysia isn't an Indian neighbor?
Nepal is burning.
Malaysia is not India's neighbour. But Malaysia was among the slowest countries to close their borders to Indian nationals, at 28th April. Even before that, the Indian variant have already arrived.

This is Malaysia's 3rd Covid-19 wave. The 1st wave, Malaysia survived very well. At that time, the Health professionals were leading the fight against Covid-19. Then the 2nd wave, caused by idiotic state elections agianst the advice of the health professionals. During this wave, the idiot politicians overruled took over the Covid-19 fight. Malaysia have not really made out of the 2nd wave, and the same politicians wants Malaysia to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. Add in the Indian Covid-19 variant in circulation, and now we have the 3rd wave. On its current trajectory, could have devastating potential.

Hospitals are crowding out yet again. Now more than ever. Cases are rapidly shooting up. More small businesses are closing down, because this 3rd wave is one blow too many. Yet we have Eid Al Fitr bazaars still allowed to open! Led by a confusing and incompetent government. The only part of the government who are blameless are the public health guys. Those guys tried their best, but they were overruled by incompetent politicians.

Now even Malaysians are enquiring about getting individual oxygens. It's extremely unlikely for Malaysia to fall to India's disastrous level. But I can see a panicked and terrified public. This is the same public where too many don't trust China's handling of the pandemic. It seems that Covid-19 is finally putting a price for stupidity. The more stupid the actions, the bigger the punishment.
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Looks like even Russia is starting to hedging its bets on China to produce Sputnik V.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has signed deals with three Chinese biopharmaceutical companies for the production of over 260 million doses of its Sputnik V vaccine

The three deals together amount to a production of over 260 million doses of the jab, which will facilitate supply and could be sufficient to fully vaccinate over 130 million people worldwide, according to the RDIF.

Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the RDIF, said cooperation with China would significantly "help increase production capacities," adding that the country is one of Russia's key partners in this field.

And a Western journalist is still celebrating Indian vaccine production 'muscle'.

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The RDIF said in
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that it had brokered an agreement with Indian pharmaceutical firm Dr. Reddy’s to produce 100 million shots in the country within an unspecified time frame. After the approval, the RDIF said it expects to produce 850 million doses in India annually after striking deals with five Indian pharmaceutical companies to produce the shots.
That was in early April. When India was still celebrating its 'victory' against Covid-19.

I guess when they saw how things are panning out in India at the end of April. RDIF, the same guys who were celebrating the setting up of a 'Sputnik V hub' in India are suddenly signing up more production deals in China. This is a strong lesson to Russia and others about listening to Indian promises. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time that India will overpromise, and then under-deliver. I'm seeing concrete actions in China, but bluff and bluster in India.

So, I'm willing to bet that by the end of 2022, that China will eventually vastly outperform India in vaccine production. Furthermore, India will also eventually loose its title of the 'world's pharmacy' in the next few years. It may retain that title only in name, thanks to Indian and Western delusions. While China will surge ahead to become the defacto 'pharmacy of the world'.


Scathing critic at Modi handling of Corona from Lancet magazine

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India could see over 1 million Covid deaths by August due to Modi’s “self-inflicted national catastrophe”​

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is now seeing India’s second wave of Covid-19 as a governance failure more than anything else.

A May 8
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, a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal, placed the responsibility of this current Covid-19 disaster in India with prime minister Narendra Modi. In a scathing piece that details the unfathomable devastation in the country, The Lancet wrote that his government “seemed more intent on removing criticism on Twitter than trying to control the pandemic.”

Titled “India’s Covid-19 Emergency,” the editorial in one of the world’s oldest and best-known general medical journals blamed the government for not paying heed to
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and not preventing the unprecedented surge of Covid-19 cases.

Despite warnings about the risks of superspreader events, the government allowed religious festivals to go ahead, drawing millions of people from around the country, along with huge political rallies—conspicuous for their lack of Covid-19 mitigation measures. The message that Covid-19 was essentially over also slowed the start of India’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, which has vaccinated less than 2% of the population. At the federal level, India’s vaccination plan soon fell apart.
The Lancet believes that in order to come out of this disastrous second wave, India needs to fix its “botched”
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to begin with.


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Gujarat’s Goshala COVID care centre for divine healing​

Even as scores of coronavirus infected people are dying every day in Gujarat for want of hospital beds, Oxygen and anti-biotic injection, the state has earned the distinction of running a 40-bed Covid hospital in a Goshala (cow shed) that has 5,000 cows which provide unlimited quantum of urine and dung with which COVID-19 patients are being treated amid chanting of mantras.

Ward boy arrested for attempting to rape Covid patient twice in MP's Gwalior

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A 50 -year-old female Covid patient on oxygen support was allegedly sexually assaulted by a hospital ward boy at a Covid care centre set up in a hotel in Gwalior on Sunday. The accused purportedly attempted to rape her and has now been arrested, the police said.
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The death toll began to pile up in Ritwick Ghosh’s social circle back in
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. First a college friend succumbed to
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, then a close friend’s sister, then another lost a family member. “As long as there is no name or face, it is just a statistic,” he said from Shanghai. “The moment there is a name and a face, it is no longer a statistic.”

Ghosh works for one of the biggest investment funds in China and has lived in the mainland for over a decade. Over the past 10 days, as the devastating second wave of the pandemic sweeps through his homeland, he has been familiarising himself with oxygen concentrators – machines that relieve the stress from the lungs and have the potential to save lives.

“Think of it as an air purifier,” Ghosh said. “Until now I did not even know what the optimum level of oxygen concentration should be in our blood.”

Across India, the demand for medical oxygen continues unabated, with hospitals putting out SOS messages for supplies and people taking to social media to plead for oxygen to keep loved ones alive.

Oxygen concentrators have therefore become sought-after devices as they can be operated from home and can aid those who have saturation levels between 88 and 92. Experts say one concentrator could service three patients per month.
Other Indians living in China like Ghosh have been buying oxygen concentrators off Taobao, a popular Chinese e-commerce site, and sending them to India. Couriering a 30kg package containing a 10 litre unit costs anything from 3,200 to 10,500 yuan (US$500-1,600).

China is the world’s biggest manufacturer of oxygen concentrators. But sourcing them has become complicated, given the deteriorating relations between New Delhi and Beijing following a tense 2020 that saw clashes at their Himalayan border.

Despite Chinese ambassador to India Sun Weidong tweeting about Covid-19 relief supplies being sent, Indian media reports suggest these supplies were commercial procurements and not sent on humanitarian grounds. China, however, maintains it is still waiting on India to accept its offer of help.

In this context, people like Ghosh have become go-betweens. “I am just facilitating information between people who need it in India and suppliers here,” he said. “Many Indians have already tried to order concentrators online or even spoken to Chinese suppliers directly. But since the trust factor is still low between the two countries, they approach me to speak in Mandarin. The mental effort is lower when they know someone who is sitting in China can help.”


Chinese factories producing oxygen concentrators are currently running at full capacity, said Hao Nan, a Suzhou-based volunteer and founder of Zhuoming Info Aid, which has been involved in humanitarian relief efforts for other countries hit by the virus, including Italy, Spain, Iran and France.

Using resources from the site, he and other volunteers have been trying to get a clearer picture of what is needed in which Indian city. Last year, soon after the worst was over in Wuhan, he and a group of Chinese volunteers compiled a document detailing their experiences in combating the virus. “A year ago, we tried to deliver our experiences from Wuhan especially for volunteer groups across the world. But I guess it is hard for people to learn from other people.”

For now, Hao is focused on procuring supplies. “Just this evening, I tried to order 100 oxygen concentrators but to no avail,” he said via Zoom. “I know many of my friends in the non-profit area in China who are trying their best to help Indian friends to purchase oxygen concentrators.”

There are no more than 10 factories that can produce the 10-litre machine, he said. These are spread across Shenyang and parts of Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Anhui provinces.

Getting our hands on oxygen concentrators is proving to be very difficult,” said Sridhar Srinivasan, an engineering manager at a tech company in Shanghai, who like Ghosh is also catering to individual requests from India. “They are all sold out and the ones who claim to have stock, we don’t know if they really have stock, or they will just take the money and not deliver.” It costs around 3,000 yuan (US$500) for a 5-litre unit.

A week ago, Srinivasan and his wife started to think about how to get more seriously involved in relief work after renowned Tabla maestro Pandit Sarit Das died of Covid-19 in India. Das used to teach the Indian musical instrument at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.

“Pandit Das was among the unfortunate people who were locked out from returning to China last year. His death hit very close to our hearts,” said Srinivasan. “I know so many people who have had losses. Everywhere you turn, you see news that is really distressing coming out of India.”


On April 30, the Indian government allowed faster customs clearance on imports of critical care medical equipment including oxygen concentrators, which spurred efforts to send single units from China.

“Through a courier channel, a couple of us are piloting an initiative where we purchase oxygen concentrators via Taobao and courier them to trusted people in India who can lend it out like a library to whoever needs it,” Srinivasan said. “If it succeeds, we can scale it up.” The team sent out 20 units to individual recipients on Thursday.

There are practical issues with sourcing from the Chinese market though, as instructions might be entirely in Chinese and some of the products are not eligible for export.

The Indian Association, Shanghai, has also been actively involved in the effort. The 25-year-old association, which runs under the patronage of the Consulate General of India in Shanghai, has actively fundraised for previous disasters and has organised blood donation drives and cultural events featuring Bollywood stars

Members started feeling “tremors” when friends and family back in India began to fall sick. “We raised almost 1.5 million rupees (US$20,000) in four days in the first phase of funding,” said association president Mukesh Sharma. This included donations from Chinese friends and colleagues.

The team placed an order for 35 units of 10-litre oxygen concentrators and hope to ship these to India by May 15. “The number of oxygen concentrators is increasing if we aggregate all the demands, so we are discussing the possibility of running a chartered Air India flight,” Shama said.

To avoid falling prey to fly-by-night operators taking advantage of the soaring demand for oxygen concentrators, a board member of the association flew out to a factory for a quality check.

Primary school teacher Maitreyee Ray, who lives in Guangdong with her husband, a manager in a Chinese textile company, has sent one concentrator to India so far. “Some Indians in Guangdong have come together as a group and extended their hand in support,” she said.

“As long as our people in India are not safe, we will definitely help. We are safe, we are enjoying life here, but they are suffering. My daughter is there, my father is there, and I am terrified for their safety.”

Ray and her husband rode out the pandemic in China. She commented on the discipline with which Chinese people used face masks. “Even today everyone wears a mask. Even if you just go downstairs for a walk, everyone wears a mask. Even a child in a pram has a mask on.”


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Notice how the QUAD nations can't get public unity on a clearly obvious threat because it's economically painful and the "threat" is not routinely visible? No amount of media hysteria is galvanizing public unity, people don't care.

If they can't even have public unity containing over COVID, don't even bother thinking of containing China.


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BJP MLA recommends drinking cow urine to stop Covid spread, demonstrates on camera

As Covid-19 cases continue to surge across India, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA in Uttar Pradesh has called on people to drink 'gaumutra' (cow urine) to defeat Covid-19. Surendra Singh, MLA from Bairia in Ballia district, has also put up a video of himself drinking cow urine.

Tens of millions plunge into poverty in covid-ravaged India​

The government estimates India’s gross domestic product shrank 8% in the year ended March, its biggest contraction since 1952. Many economists are cutting their forecasts for the current fiscal year as rising unemployment and dwindling savings dim the chances of a double-digit growth.

Economists warn depleting household savings and falling incomes will have an impact on domestic consumption, which accounts for almost 60% of GDP. A study by Nikhil Gupta, an economist at Mumbai-based brokerage Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd., found that India’s household savings dropped to 22.1% of GDP in the quarter through December, from 28.1% in the three months ended June last year.

(I have decided to remove the funny stuff from here. Gotta respect the thread and the disease.

But ffs, it do give me a laugh, put it up as an attachment)


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