Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


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6 million doses per day so over 2 billion doses per year. Not sure how much Sinopharm production ramp up is up to now. But looks like soon, China vaccination should go up to 10 million doses per day.
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Sinopharm is better than Sinovac, and they should supply more to Hong Kong, where some activists are bashing Sinovac.


At this moment, I think Pfizer is the best Covid-19 available.
For efficacy rate, probably. However, mRNA is still risky for being a completely new type of vaccine no matter how small. Beside, the latest study indicated antibodies against SA variant is down 90% compare with Sinovac down 70%. It is the better one due to the fact that J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines have blood clots issue.