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Thanks Deino.

Ok let me get this. (Bear in mind I'm not a techy). RR engines is among the best available but don't have the trust range of LEAP X.

This to me suggest. Yes it's good. But still only 2nd best to GE. But no matter, it is still good enough. Which leads me back to where the conversation all started.

That is China can have an alternative source of engine (barring political pressure from USA on UK). So why are we afraid that Trump might turn this supply off? (It's a mute point now, since event has overtaken us with Trump wanting to supply China, their most important market for the coming decades)!
Rolls Royce aircraft engines are The Best---.


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the Trump administration could block the export of LEAP 1C jet engines to China because of fears that the products could be reverse-engineered.
Im not an expert, but what about all the engines that come with boeing and airbus planes exported to china? Why are they concerned about LEAP 1C sales to china when china buys all those other engines?