Chinese UAV & UCAV development


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Well... this wasn't posted?

"A model of a flying wing #drone in a video by the AVIC group."

But is it the CS-5000T or the CH-7 or something different?

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It looks different from the models of CS-5000T displayed at Zhuhai. The ventral contours look considerably more bulbous on the CS-5000T.





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From 科罗廖夫, commenting on Chinese UCAV, looks like even back in 2017, they were able to make use of satellite to provide updates and going over a thousand km to hit target.


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Chinese companies build and enable cargo drones with no pilots and no crew.
Can fly up to 2600 km and carry 5000 kg

The Chinese company that made this great technological breakthrough is AirWhiteWhale, the white whale route, which was just founded in 2021008aLswlly1hae55saisnj31tz1fb7wh.jpg008aLswlly1hae55btmsaj322a0so19w.jpg008aLswlly1hae4q052rsj30xc0gok43.jpg


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The company website address:
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Note that much of the company website is only available in Mandarin.

Some information from the company website will be listed below after translation.

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The W5000 is an unmanned, efficient and low-cost general cargo platform developed by Air White Whale (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. for aviation logistics. The main technical parameters in the preliminary design stage are as follows.

Dimension Parameters
Length: 22.69 meters
Wingspan: 22.69 meters
Cargo compartment volume: 65 meter-cube

Performance Parameters
Service celling: 7620 meters
Maximum speed: 526 kilometers per hour
Maximum range: 2600 kilometers
Required runway length for takeoff and landing: <1200 meters

Weight Parameters
Maximum takeoff weight: 10800 kilograms
Maximum landing weight: 10500 kilograms
Maximum payload capacity: 5000 kilograms


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● Adopting high safety system architecture, the overall safety index of the aircraft is comparable to that of manned aircraft of the same class, and the specific index is determined according to the airworthiness requirements, and will have the ability to operate in integrated airspace.

● The W5000 is designed for express logistics with a square section fuselage, which improves space utilization by more than 15% and reduces weight by about 34% compared to manned aircraft of the same class in terms of personnel, structure and systems.

● The W5000 adopts a tail hatch to form a straight-through cargo hold, which is compatible with nine types of standard cargo panels such as LD3, P1P and AAA, in addition to having the capacity to load extra-long cargo of more than 13 meters.

● W5000 adopts lightweight composite structure, which has excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance, and the related maintenance cost can be reduced by more than 20% compared with the same class of metal structure aircraft.

● W5000 adopts unmanned ground monitoring, one crew can monitor 6~7 aircraft, and the crew cost is only 1/10 of the same level of manned aircraft.

● W5000 can reduce the production cost, fuel consumption, pilot cost and maintenance cost by more than 30% of the ton-kilometer freight cost by reducing the weight of the structure and system, comparing with the ATR42 equivalent passenger-to-cargo manned cargo aircraft, which can be as low as about 4 yuan/ton kilometer.

Key Recent Developments:

March 1st, 2022 -
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Quoted image detailing the development plan for the W5000:

October 1st, 2022 -
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in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. The W5000's 1:3 scaled-down verification aircraft has a wingspan of 7.2 meters, a length of 6.9 meters, and a full weight of 230 kg.

October 31st, 2022 -
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January 1st, 2023 -
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Great asset, maybe thats why development of Y-9 successor has been slowed down, or eventually get cancelled. Future of tactical transport goes to drones first... Then medium and heavy transport will follow in further future...