Chinese UAV & UCAV development


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Do we have any idea, where the WJ-700 performed its maiden flight or even more, where the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) has its main flight test facility?
And while the banner said the maiden flight had taken place, no airborne pictures.


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Significance of this platform is the much improved loitering time compared with other Chinese jet-powered UAVs (20 hours vs 6 hours!).


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I see three flying wing styles there. One is the GJ-11 and the other two are basically B-2 shape copy and X-47B shape copy. Based on what I can see as some sort of scale they look like full sized UCAVs if not bigger?

Could be running RCS tests on opfor platforms - B2 and X-47B or some other sort of evaluation. Although I've no doubt the H-20 will look very much similar to B-2 in its overall shape.