Chinese UAV & UCAV development


High-resolution images of Wing Loong II being used for weather modification.



Excerpts from a study on operator-UAV cooperation in urban warfare settings. Due to the limited weapon payload of small recon UAVs, more firepower is often needed to take out well-protected targets. In this situation, a forward observer uses the small recon UAV to relay the targeting information to a large UAV, which then autonomously flies to the target area and loiters. The forward observer then takes temporary control of the large UAV to take out the target. Once the target is destroyed, the forward observer passes the control back to the large UAV, which then leaves the area and resumes autonomous patrol. The forward observer is solely responsible for the timing of the attack, after he checks the target area to ensure there is no danger of collateral damage to civilians or friendlies.

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Following these images, there was another UAV & UCAV display at the PLAAF air base at Malan.
I tried to identify a few but I failed on a few ... can anyone help?

(Image via @鼎盛沙龙 from Weibo)

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Those two swept wing shaped “UAV”s are actually two rows of soldiers, with a smaller row in the front, holding the red Chinese flag. That’s what PLA units like to do when they start the training program for the new year.