Chinese UAV & UCAV development


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An old research paper. Not sure if this has been shared before. Judging by the illustrations, the paper is aimed at UAVs, although the proposed solution is technically applicable to manned designs as well.

The paper proposes a flying wing UAV with modular/swappable wings: swept wings for high-speed missions that require greater stealth and 'straighter' wings for high-altitude, high-endurance missions that require less stealth.

This proposed design would eliminate having to field two different flying wing designs to satisfy the diverging mission requirements, thereby reducing both acquisition and maintenance cost. Not sure if this proposal has been explored further.



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Who are the authors? This might be an English version of the paper, or at least a related work:

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Found it, incidentally, by googling for Yakovlev's Proryv concept which I was reminded of because I knew it adopted the same idea - it is referenced in the paper!