Chinese Trainer Aircraft (JL-8, JL-9, JL-10 (L-15), etc.)


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looking at the photo published above, it crossed my mind how it could appear in a single-seater version, here is the result with a quick photoshop.
but it could be a interesting version , an aircraft multi-role light-weight fighter single-seat.



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I'm convinced that it's the Turboshaft engines of Motor Sich that China is after rather than Turbofan.
The US report (DoD?) also mentions the resources MS has regarding the Helicopter engines.

AL-222 engines may not be that high in the priority list and not worth sinking money into.

But Helicopter engines certainly need attention. They aren't upto par in the performance spectrum (as most of us know).

China holds her purse really tight regarding Military spending. The investments required in rotor aircrafts may be a question mark for China.



Angola receives final K-8W jets from China​

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The K-8 has a top speed of 800 km/h and is powered by a Ukrainian AI-25TLK turbofan or a Chinese WS-11 (an AI-25TLK clone) developing 1 680 kg of thrust. However, some export models are powered by the TFE731-2A turbofan developing 1 600 kg of thrust.

Maximum takeoff weight is 4 470 kg and maximum range 2 200 km. Export versions are usually better equipped than the models in service with China (JL-8), and feature components such as Martin Baker ejection seats, a glass cockpit with head up display and multi-function displays and ability to carry PL-5E/PL-7 air-to-air missiles and a 23 mm gun pod. Angop reported that Angola’s K-8Ws will be armed with air-to-air missiles, cannons and bombs.


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Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of JL-10/L-15's maiden flight. Below is a photo taken immediate after the successful first flight.