Chinese Trainer Aircraft (JL-8, JL-9, JL-10 (L-15), etc.)


Giving and receiving instructions.



I know Minnie Chan but she just quoted Li Jie and we all know China desperately need new catapult ready jet trainer because training using J 15 is one expensive exercise. And they need to train hell more Carrier pilots
Starting carrier program from scratch is not easy I see a lot of comment questioning China's carrier program But China compress what it normally take decades if not hundred years into just one or 2 decades. She does not even has carrier jet trainer yet. Everything has to be built from scratch. It is not like she can buy this trainer or hire trainer

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China develops fighter jet for training new generation of aircraft carrier pilots
  • Adapted JL-9 designed for use with the catapult launch system on the Type 002 carrier, which is still in construction
  • Teaching a pilot how to take-off and land on a 300 metre flight deck takes two to three years, expert says
Chinese engineers have modified an old fighter jet to create a training aircraft for
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who will serve on the country’s
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– the Type 002 – which is currently in development, according to the plane’s manufacturer.

The adapted JL-9 – also known as the FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle or “Shanying” – was produced by Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation (GAIC) specifically for use on the Type 002, which will have a catapult launch system, Beijing-based naval expert Li Jie said.
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