Chinese infantry fighting vehicles


I believe there are some differences in the chassis of the new 8x8 compared to ZBL-08. First is the Rear ramp. Second would be the armor.
The third is the shaping of the hull, especially around the wheel well. Fourth, the engine is located in the front beside the driver location and has a slightly modified arrangement. The change is most visible for the assault gun version. ZBL-08 one has the engine at the rear, while the new one seems to put the turret in the same 8x8 chassis as the new IFV, so it still has an engine at the front and ramp at the rear.

No, ZBL-08 has the engine at the front, because it's the IFV variant of the Type-08 family. The only variant of the Type-08 family that has rear-mounted engine is the ZTL-11 assault gun.


Tyrant King
Weasel comes in two main versions Weasel 1 and Weasel 2 Cost is about 1 million that’s rather low for a modern tank. It’s a multi role vehicle platform. Air defense, 30mm cannon, tow missiles, reconnaissance, APC, Ambulances, Amunition resupply, Mortar carrier and robot versions. It is airborne. Weighs in at as much as a heavy pickup truck. Yet is little bigger than a MPV(Mini van) or SUV A bit like the A half weight BMD or LAV25. Thin skinned yet better protected than a G wagon.


This is the full version of the new IFV with telescope munition amazing weapon Need to produced ASAP. They have all kind of projectile from HEAT to AFSDS. It has dual function as Anti UAV and add mini radar it become Anti air, Heli , cruise missile, IFV.

Artillery, the famous "God of War"! Firepower relies on artillery shells. In China, a revolutionary new type of ammunition has appeared. This new type of shell can increase the power of "mini" caliber artillery, which can penetrate the armor of tanks with one shot, even ordinary tanks. In other words, it is therefore known as the "star of tomorrow" that will subvert the future battlefield
dif unition

What is this?

Munition feeder mechanism