Chinese infantry fighting vehicles


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According to Shilao this particular model of VN20 was designed to very specific customer requirements. The customer want:
  • excellent all round protection, the customer want to minimize casualty in combat
  • easy getting in/out with a big rear door, none of that
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  • the customer however loves BMP-3's turret with 100mm gun plus autocannon and want that kept
  • periscope sights in the back for all passengers
  • loads of remote operated machine guns, including one in the back
  • giant size of the vehicle not an issue
Does it have to be amphibious? Usually that is the problem for everything from hatches to armor.


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Apparently flotation kits for ZBD-04A.
Would this help though? I don't see any built in propulsion. 04A don't have the pump jets anymore right?
They did remove the jets in the A model, thus removing it's ability in open water but it can still swim via the tracks just like the BMP-1 could.
I'm guessing this add-on increases bouncy, I don't know if it'd allow open water operation but might help with rough water operation.


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According to a reliable
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, Mengshi-III vehicle's spare tire (mounted on the rear) weighs around 140kg.