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The software alone is an open program on a PC workstation. It has no academic qualifications. It´s dumb. It´s herme. If it were only a software problem, then we would have amazing projects in all countries using these programs.

The Chinese have learned well from the Russians, who are used to doing (well) with really little or nothing.
And now they have the tools so dear to others. And the results are and will be seen faster and faster (this is of great concern to the U.S.).

I am not aware that the engineers who create the predictive algorithmic patterns AI are all natives of the US, quite the contrary. So welcome to all "native" programs, as if that were a flaw.


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on corrosion testing of a certain turbofan engine used by a carrier-based aircraft. A machine translation is attached.
Abstract: In order to verify the corrosion resistance ability of a certain turbofan engine, based on the corrosion susceptibility test bay, a salt mist generating system is designed, a test scheme is formulated, and the corrosion susceptibility testing of the turbofan engine is completed. Experimental results show that the design of the testing system is reasonable, the test method is feasible, it could be used to provide a reference for corrosion susceptibility testing of other turbofan engines. After testing, there is no obvious corrosion mark on the main spare parts and accessories of the engine, salt crystals are adhering to the sur⁃ face of the main spare parts in the air runner. The converted exhaust temperature of the engine rises about 5.5% at the same converted thrust, there is more performance decline in the engine, and it is recommended that the runner should be cleaned
to recover the performance of the engine when corrosion susceptibility testing is performed of other engines.


  • TRANSLATED 舰载机发动机腐蚀敏感性试验.pdf
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Does anyone have an idea concerning how long does the WS-10 go between overhauls these days?