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In case this hasn't been shared:
Got this from @ARJ21走向商业成功之路 on Weibo. Not sure where he/she got the initial photograph, though.

Rough translation:
The WS-20 engine is a high bypass ratio turbofan engine indigenously developed by our country (China) based on the "Taihang" engine. The engine will be mainly used on the Y-20 large transport aircraft. In the future, it can also be used as the main engines of large passenger aircraft, new twin-engine medium-sized transport aircraft, and second-generation long-range anti-submarine patrol aircraft.

Chinese name: 涡扇-20
Foreign name: Turbofan(WS)-20
Thrust range: 13000-16000kgf
Manufacturer: AVIC Shenyang Engine Design Institute
Purpose: Military use
(Current) Target user: Y-20

Notice the last sentence in the quoted statement. That means the primary users of WS-20 would not be Y-20 only. Does anyone has any further information on this?

Although, it won't hurt to make some guessings.

Firstly, I ain't sure of how a large passenger aircraft powered by WS-20 would be like. Besides, aren't there CJ-1000A and CJ-2000 that would eventually power future Chinese civilian airliners?

Therefore, I don't really understand the need for WS-20 on civilian platforms, unless the sudden export ban imposed on the LEAP-1C engines for the C919 necessitate introducing WS-20 to the civilian airliner as a stopgap measure.

Next, for the new twin-engine medium-sized transport aircraft, I think it would be similar in dimension, load and role as either the Embraer C-390 (top), or the larger Kawasaki C-2 (bottom):
I believe such twin-engined transport plane can be marketted for export and become a direct competitor to the Japanese C-2 and the Brazilian C-390, and suitable for countries that are either unable to afford the larger four-engined transport planes like the American C-17 and the Chinese Y-20, or has no need for transport planes of such sizes.

WRT this, some suggested underneath the Weibo post that the Y-30 transport plane (pictured below) that was originally meant as a successor to the Y-9s could be based upon for the design of this twin-engined transport plane by swapping the original four turboprop engines with two WS-20 turbofan engines (plus necessary design modifications).

Thirdly, regarding the second-generation long-range anti-submarine patrol aircraft. I believe a similar comparison would either be the Boeing P-8 Poseidon (top) or the Kawasaki P-1 (bottom).
Such plane could be fitted as newer AWACS and ELINT platforms as well.

So what do you guys think of this?