Chinese Engine Development


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He seems to have some proper experience with regards to aeronautical engineering like software, avionics, or airframe design.
But engines are the domain of mechanical and materials engineers not aeronautical ones.
I also agree that he is lazy with regards to Chinese airplane analysis. Not that we can blame him much since there is little information on them in the West except for Deino's books.
About Tejas, is probably just because there is a huge amount of Indians on YouTube. He has to pander to the audience a bit. Chinese don't use YouTube nearly as much. It is banned inside China anyway.


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More high-resolution images of the WS-10 mockup from Zhuhai.





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So in the end, we didn't get any news but this mock-up model for WS-10? Any question asked by someone who was there to the presenters about WS-10? A couple of Zhuhai's ago we had 120-140 kn description for WS-10 at least.


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One of the reason to keep developing WS-18 could be for future replacement for existing air-frames that use DP-30s. To certify WS-18 for that purpose, it has to be installed on a new Y-20 air-frame that is identical to the ones made for DP-30s.

So I believe that there are air-frames that are simultaneously testing WS-18 and WS-20. I think Tang Changhong actually said so not long ago that was reported in this forum.

Ofcourse, WS-18 and WS-20 would be testing on Y-20. But regarding WS-18,any further development mean that they are solely for aircrafts like H-6 series ( who service would likely extend to 2050.)

But then, isn't WS-18 supposed to be interim solutions for Y-20s ? Why try to develop it for that aircraft further? Living with the current WS-18 series and focusing on the WS-20 for Y-20 would only help China's future plans.