Chinese Engine Development


Guess he is Russian and imply that the Chinese RE Al 41 or because they bought German company I though the reverse is true The German is now buying Laser drill from the Chinese to make hole on the turbine blade and they are good.

I don't believe those BS the fact is the investment in money, tireless effort, improving research institution, personnel, Improving the base industry all add up. And at some point they will get the right combination of doping element and base metallurgy to resists the high temperature and resist creep. It is just like cooking you can't be a good cook by reading book you have to do it trial and error many times and if you have talent then at one time you get the right combination of ingredient and technique. Of course you have to get good tool too


Some academic and industry heavyweights have just
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, which was previously covered here and here. The experts observed the test run of a certain unnamed engine. I wonder if it's the ZF1000A intended for an unmanned combat drone similar to the Loyal Wingman or simply the ZF850 turbojet for the Cloud Shadow...

Also of some interest is the first image below. In the background it shows a project development timeline. For the year 2021 and 2022, it appears to show the ZF1000A turbofan introduction/integration into what appears to be Loyal Wingman-like UCAV.





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Is this guy drunk? ws-10 a copy of al-31? Excuse me, this is BS.

Similar requirements do not mean copy!

If this guy go checking the latest Chemistry/ Material research papers, he will find out that Chinese chemical scientists are now producing the most papers and the most referred to.

And we all know that the "Blade" is really come down to understanding of chemical and material engineering process.

Precisely. Wishful think to feel good on his part, I guess. China has been investing on this for the last 4 decades. There will be fruits of this investment.