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Figure 1: Chinese Economy and Living Standards
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My, I must be getting old, there are actually young people out there like Stan who have never experienced hardship. And is unaware that the Chinese people were litually on their knees throughout the best part of the last 100 years. Gee.


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ok, that's not what I mean, I should quote more precisely...

30? maybe, I don't know
20 nah, there were plenty air travel options available for ordinary people in China, well at least in major cities
I mean for common people I was in Beijing municipal airport around that time and it is awfull quiet at that time and infrequent flight. I don't mean literalllly Not like today


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I mean for common people I was in Beijing municipal airport around that time and it is awfull quiet at that time and infrequent flight. I don't mean literalllly Not like today

Yes. That's right. Aur travel was at it's infancy in China. And as such, it is a luxury item. A bit like what it was in the western world in the 1950s and 1960s. A whole 50 to 60 years behind.

My parents were travelling around China. And they told me it was just like the UK was in the 1950/60s. The airports was sparse with few passengers, and almost everyone of the travellers were wealthy westerners.


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I like to use the airports construction in Beijing as an indicator of China's aviation market development.

Beijing's old capital airport was opened in 1958, mainly for use of charter flights and VIP. This was the era when there were no real passenger flights.

In 1980, a new building, tarmac, park lot and other auxiliary projects were accomplished and came into use. This was when scheduled air travel in China has begun, albeit at small scale. As the passenger throughput increased year by year, by the middle of 1990s, it is too small and could not meet the requirement of passengers. The terminal was closed then for renovation when the Terminal 2 opened.

In 1999, to celebrate the founding of the 50th anniversary of People's Republic, Terminal 2 was opened. This was when China's air travel market started to explode. Later, in 2004, the renovated Terminal 1 came into use again.

In 2008, the brand new, magnificent Terminal 3 was opened to be ready for Beijing Olympic Games. Since then, Beijing Capital International Airport has become the world's second busiest airport.

In 2019, a brand new airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport became operational.

So Beijing opens a new terminal or airport approximately every ten years.

I had taken passenger flights at the Beijing Capital International Airport in the 1980's, 1990's, 2000's and later, from all terminals (#1, #2, #3).

I visited the Beijing Daxing International Airport in late 2019. It was impressive, to say the least.

Here are a few pictures that I took at Daxing International Airport.


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My first air travel to Beijing was in Autumn 1999, slightly more than 20 years ago. It is true that the air travel including the airport facilities strongly impressed upon you how backward it was then, especially compare with the newly opened Kuala Lumpur International airport where my journey began. Same story for Baiyun airport in Guangzhou and Shenzhen international airport in early 2000s.

Then of course China speed came into being, China's development accelerated so fast that I am now feeling almost un-accustom to today's modern China, even though I spent nearly a decade in Shenzhen before I left 10 years ago.


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off topic, sorry.
besides all these new fancy airports, I am more impressed with the behavior of the younger generation.
twice on a Shenzhen subway, I was offered a seat by the young people as I got in. One of them was a young lady who was carrying some bags and a suitcase, likely returned from the airport. Despite these burdens, she quickly got up and offered me her seat. She refused to sit down despite my profuse gesture of gratitude!! She was only satisfied after I agreed , somewhat reluctantly , to take the seat offered.
Respect and good manners to others are the future of China's youth and the nation, talking about winning friends and influencing people.


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I only realized this is the thread about aircraft Engine after I posted my previous post. The last few posts are all off-topic. We should either all stop going off topic now or mod can move them to the Aviation thread.

All good discussion though.