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I'm sceptical about this; i live in Sydney and we're currently in major massive COVID lockdown; in fact 2 of our major ciites- Sydney and Melbourne are in COVID lockdown with perhaps the third- Brisbane, on the verge of a lockdown as well, and along with it, kids arne't even allowed to go back to schools, they're still doing at home learning.
And amidst all of this, Australia is going to open up its borders to allow in foreign students to uni?
I doubt it.

Secondly, this sounds like the type of news that australian media would promote since the government is staring at the prospect of recession since the only thing underpinning the economy is iron ore and real estate prices and without Chinese students, migrants, visitors and tourists and investment, all of that is in jeopardy.
PM SCO MO has been promising to open up with a similar approach to that of the UK once he gets 70% vaccination rates. NSW Premier
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has said she would be loosening up in October?


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Thanks for posting link. But the report is trash. I dont know whether this paper is a reputable paper in OZ. But there's no hard number to work on. So how can she say the Chinese intakes has increased?

A couple of numbers I can pick out.

The percentage of Chinese intake went from 42.6 in 2018 to 42.8 in 2020 of total foreign intakes. Now all th8ngs being equal, yes that's an increase. Bit at the same time? It state that intake from India and Nepal have dropped dramatically. So could this increase be due the share of the total foreign intakes?

Thank you.

A lot of spin by this author without revealing anything tangible.
An increase from 1 to 2 student will still be an increase and a surge percentage-wise.

I would say it's all spin.

A friend of mine works at education agent sending Chinese students to overseas universities
He said his company received "orders" not to promote australian universities to prospective students

My college in the U.K. takes Chinese students. I dont know the figures. But my feeling is there's no change.

The estranged relationship is between the government and elites of the two countries. No one ever asked the laobaixing whether they wanted to become estranged. For another example, I'm an American and love my country with all my heart, but also love China and want it to succeed badly.

Well, good for you. And i too hope and wish for our two countries getting on famously. But you got to realised that this animosity between the two countries is not of China's making. It is entirely U.S. own insecurity and hubris. Coming from a strength and all that. Old boy.
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PM SCO MO has been promising to open up with a similar approach to that of the UK once he gets 70% vaccination rates. NSW Premier
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has said she would be loosening up in October?
Perhaps we will open up but i can't see Chinese students coming here in the same numbers as was the case pre-COVID. A lot of Australian 1%ers have money riding on good economic relations with China but have had to defer to the natsec establishment, much as is the case in the US, except for the fact that australia is a complete CIA satrapy.
Can you see Hollywood walking away from the Chinese market?
hollywood is between a rock and a hard place; either they keep pushing CIA acceptable anti asian propaganda or lose the Chinese market since i can imagine the new Chinese directives on positive masculine role models are going to take a dim view of Hollywood portrayals of Asian men.
So they are accepting investment from Chinese investors? They are not investing their own money in China?
The Anglos have lusted for Chinese money and the Chinese market, at least Chinese investors will be putting money back into China as per Blackrock "expertise", if they fail to perform other competing Chinese wealth management firms are more than happy to feast on their carcass.