Chinese Economics Thread

not sure what's meant by the sentence
"China hasn't accurately quantified what challenges it has been through but such experience has become a fountain of confidence for the people."
China’s problem-solving ability powers its optimism
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an interesting point of view on economic developments in the 7th paragraph anyway
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technicalities like "Mnuchin said the Trump administration’s “objective” was for the agreement to be signed at the Apec summit." inside
No invitation from China for US officials to travel to Beijing for more talks, Steven Mnuchin says
  • Negotiators still have work to do on ‘phase one’ deal ahead of meeting between Trump and Xi Jinping in November, US Treasury secretary says
  • Mnuchin says administration has not decided how to address planned tariffs on US$156 billion in Chinese goods expected to take effect on December 15

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if interested
... and here's more (Mr. Liu's comments on the most recent GDP-growth inside as well):
China, US made ‘concrete progress’ towards trade war deal in Washington, Vice-Premier Liu He says
  • Two sides built a strong foundation for signing of a phased agreement, top negotiator says in first public comments
  • Beijing will continue to work with Washington on basis of ‘equality and mutual respect’, he says

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if interested


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If you can't beat the competition, accuse them of denying people's rights like helping to rig elections. It's a typical tactic to deflect negative attention on one's self to someone else.
Problem is that they are crying wolf way too much and even the brainwashed western masses are starting to see through the lies.

Also, China is too far away to be considered a threat in most western nations.

I mean, what does the average western consumer have to actually be worried about even if all the fear-mongering fake news pieces in the western MSM propaganda machine are true? Yes, big bad China now has a copy of your cat video, OMG! The horror!

Even those actively working to harm Chinese interests do not really have anything to fear so long as they stay out of China or unless they are also trying to make money in China.

I think that is the biggest weapon China has to undermine western propaganda against it, as even the most brainwashed of westerners can see the contrast between how ‘big bad China’ and how ‘freedom loving America’ operates.

Anyone who actively works to damage American interests like those FLG, WUC and now HK riot leaders are doing would have found themselves hauled away to a black site by their short and curlies; or been ‘aided’ to ‘suicide’ themselves or been the victims of fatal ‘random accidents’ or muggings.

That is a double edged sword that also bind China’s hands.

It can most certainly liquidate its enemies no matter where they hide and under who’s protection, but doing so would also loose its soft and harmless image, which Beijing is reluctant to do.

So right now, China has the problem of traitors and foreign agents able to try their best to harm Chinese interests with little to no fear of retaliation; which is offset by the scepticism most westerners have towards China threat propaganda despite the best efforts of the western MSM because those same traitors and agents can shoot their mouth off on China, yet nothing bad happens to them.

At present, on balance, it serves Chinese interests more to maintain that popular western notion that no matter how rich and powerful China grows, it’s still far away and unable to touch them in their ‘safe’ homelands than to scare off traitors with examples of what happens to their kind.


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I'm sure normally Facebook would've just bought out TikTok which ironically China is preventing Facebook from being a monopoly as criticized.
Reminds me of proverbial camel when it comes to Western media's attempts to make China inroad.

Rupert Murdoch, as sly and as streetwise as he is, only manged to get a Chinese wife. Zuckerberg didn't even get a baby name, though he did mange to achieve as much as Murdoch did in getting a Chinese wife.That's just about it so far.

There's simply no way to allow Murdoch and Zuckerberg version of democrazy shaping public opinions in China via ownership of some apps, or anything else for that matter.

Tesla owns 100% of its Shanghai giga factory. Paypal is now set to own 70% of GoPay. Let them have it.
All you need to do is to declare sanction upon them and freeze their assets in China once they don't behave or things go south. Hence the famous quote:The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them. Who says greed isn't good?


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Couldn't agree more with what he presented.

Of the missionary, merchant and military sequence of a few past centuries of exploitation, these tech giants replace the white men in robes with a book, ie the missionary.
The shibboleth this time around is freedom and democrazy, as the last one "the savoir of the soul" wouldn't work as much as it used to, given the advances in the general public learning of science and reason.

China has created her own wealth and lifted up the livelihood of her masses through her own industry and endeavor, not by these 1% global oligarch who has been bankrupting all moral institutions human kind has built piece by piece by legalizing theft in every way shape or form they could.