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US delays some and repeals some of its own announced 9/1 tariffs on China, bolts its own stock up today. Trump tries to sound tough saying, "As usual, China said they were going to be buying “big” from our great American Farmers. So far they have not done what they said. Maybe this will be different!" Article (and others I've searched) mention nothing offered by the Chinese, no agricultural purchases or otherwise. In any case, if he truly had been made several offers by China only for China to not follow through, then trusting China again, hoping it would be different this time is just desperation. He already got his benefits from his tariff withdrawals: the US stock going up.

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Meanwhile, since Trump can't get China to do anything, he's decided it's time to squeeze the weak/easy again. He went to Abe, told him Japan exports too many cars into the US (again), and said they need to buy US agriculture to even things out LOL. Good luck trying to offset a lost market of 1.4 billion with one of 125 million. And Japan is notoriously protective of their own agriculture too. I wonder how many times Japan will be pushed into giving concessions to Trump for the same auto export permits again and again before they finally stand up for themselves. Should be interesting how this proceeds.
So, according to CNBC, Trump has blink first in the trade war. Notice he doesn't use the line "Trade war are easy to win"!

One thing I still don't get is, that he keeps telling his GOP, and us that he is such a great negotiator. But a great negotiator do not make threats that they cannot/wont be able to make good on it!

In doing so, it actually showed what a rubbish negotiator you actually is. Maybe this is how he use to win all his negotiations in the past by using threats (whether or not he could actually carry them through). He never had to make good on those threats, because all his oppositions folded at his threats. Si he thought threats are great tactic to use.

Unfortunately for him and the US, they have met their match with China.

China isn't folding like all his previous advisories, because China can't afford to fold! So the great negotiator can't read "mood" in international relationship. And as such loss his crown as the "world's great negotiator! "


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If these are indeed CIA/NED orchestrated protests then the goal is for China to overreact to send in the troops in so they can repeat their succcess with Russia in 2014. This plays into the CCP's insecurity over sovereignty and political control.
There's no need for CIA/NED. the US is quite open about their meddling in Hong Kong.

There's footage on an interview by MSM with America endowment for democracy. In it, the spokesman quite openly said, "of course we are in Hong Kong supporting and give advise and other (financial) supports to all democratic groups. After all, that's why we exist"!

Also, ther's a photo circulating with the US consulate general meeting discretely with leaders of the demonstrators!

I'll post that photo if I figure out how to.

So you just can't make this things up"
Why bother sending in the PAP, let along the PLA?

The HKPF is perfectly capable of handling guerrilla rioting short of some alien space bat teleporting assault rifles, RPGs and car bombs into the hands every Tom and Dick on the streets*.

*Even then, your untrained Tom and Dick is more likely to blow a foot in their collective feet when tooling around with military grade weaponry.
The Hong Kong government and police need to massively improve their communication and PR with the general population as well as against the anti-government camp's blatant lies. Unfortunately facts actually don't speak for themselves enough. Since a lot of anti-government activity is conducted online I wonder how the Hong Kong authorities' cyber capabilities have been performing.
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Trump just blinked, giving China a possible edge in trade war, Jim Chanos and others say
China's upper hand was apparent long before and far independent from whether Trump "blinks" now. China's continuous healthy GDP expansion with America's recession warning signs, trade deficit increasing due to Chinese success and American failure to diversify, along with the nature of the momentum of Chinese technological innovation are just some of the signs that have already made China's advantage apparent.
This guy's pretty vicious; he does not leave Trump any face at all... And the comments section doesn't let up at all either. I think they're calling him the caveman now for caving on his tariffs LOL. That's a new one...
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Trump caves on tariffs
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•August 13, 2019

He can’t pull the trigger.

President Trump
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on a large batch of Chinese imports that were supposed to go into effect Sept. 1, and exempted some other Chinese imports altogether. The move deescalates Trump’s trade war with China, and amounts to a tacit acknowledgement by Trump that his tariffs might hurt American consumers too much.

But the delay reveals an unwillingness by Trump to raise the cost of products many Americans find essential, suggesting he’s bluffing about ever imposing such a tariff.

Trump has now partially reversed himself on the 10% tariff, without any corresponding concession from China. In fact, China has toughened its stance recently, essentially calling Trump’s bluff. China has refused to fulfill its pledge to start buying more U.S. farm products, for instance.

That has left Trump, who fancies himself a master dealmaker, negotiating with himself. Trump’s
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on consumer imports from China was to levy a 25% tariff. But when it came time to do it, he lowered that to 10%. And now it’s 10% on just half of those products, rather than all of them. And there’s an appeals process for eliminating the entire tariff.

Trump has now revealed his pain point: He’s unwilling to tax American consumers beyond a nominal level, or stomach the stock-market turmoil steep tariffs cause. This is the fundamental problem with tariffs as a tool to gain leverage in trade negotiations: To inflict pain on a trade partner, you have to hurt your own economy first, through higher taxes.

But one way out of the standoff is for Trump to lose. His hand is now weaker, though that might be good for the U.S. economy. If he called off more tariffs, it would be better still.