China's transport, tanker & heavy lift aircraft


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using window OS on their electronic equipment wouldn't that be a security concern?
It is medical equipment, procured from off the shelf selling list from medical equipment suppliers, which would have included the original equipment maker's software aimed at global users.

Making dedicated medical software and equipment for sole PLA use would be prohibitively expensive due to economy of scale.


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Y9 dropping paratroopers and heavy equipment (source:
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In the first picture, there are actually two Y-8s instead of Y9s after a closer look. It seems Y-9 allows two paratroopers to jump at the same time, but Y-8 drops one at a time.
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Following this latest satellite image at least three Y-20A can be seen at Wuhan/Paozhuwan, where the PLAAF's 13rd Transport Division, 38th AR is based. At least in April there were only Il-76/-78s visible but rumors about a conversion to Y-20 are floating since some time.

Y-20A at Wuhan - 13. Div.jpg