China's Future High Speed Helicopter Program and other next generation rotorcraft


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You can tell this idiot is only pretending to be Chinese.

Cantonese and Mandarin are NOT 'ethnicities', they are dialects/topolects/languages.
  • 95% of Cantonese people are bilingual in Cantonese+Mandarin
  • Only 17% of Ukrainian people can bilingual in Ukrainian+Russian
  • Cantonese people have been part of China for 2200 years.
  • Ukrainian people have been part of Russia for few centuries.
  • Ukrainians people voted 80% referendum for independence from Soviet Union
  • Cantonese people never declared independence from Chinese empire or China ever.

Ukrainians have a FAR STRONGER national and ethnic identity than Cantonese people. Idiot.

Ukrainian and Russian languages are much more similar compared to Cantonese and Mandarin languages.


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Mandarin and Cantonese are not ethnicities, they are languages.

And Mandarin itself is a very vague term. Does it mean the 普通话/国语 as the official lingua franca? Or does it mean ”官话“ as a form of language/dialect? Because 普通话 is specifically the official lingua franca of modern day PRC (国语 is that of ROC).

But "官话" is a group of languages/dialects that have many variations, many of which are not even readily/fully mutually intelligible.
For example many dialects of the 西南官话 (South Western Mandarin) are very hard to understand for Mandarin (普通话) speakers people not familiar with it. ”江淮官话” (Lower Yangtze River Mandarin) is also almost impossible to understand for mandarin (普通话) speakers not familiar with it.

This is off topic. Sorry.
Also, if anyone is familiar with both Russian/Ukrainian and Mandarin/Cantonese, please share with us some insights about the differences between these two languages.

Language itself does not cause conflict. The US and Canada are both multi linguo countries. It is politics that cause conflict.


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Any idea, if it is related or even more what does "blended wing body multi-rotor vertical takeoff and landing aircraft" could mean?

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Is this "blended wing body multi-rotor VTOL aircraft" referring to the Blue Whale?

If so, it will definitely mark another wide step forward for China's technological advancement and achievements!


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