China's Full Scale Aerial Targets

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The British “Jane’s Defense Weekly” website reported on June 7 that recently the “Dark Sword” drone photos of the China Aviation Industry Corporation have been circulating on the Chinese network. The journal believes that this Drones may have multiple uses.

The "Dark Sword" drone is considered to be a high-mobility, supersonic unmanned air superiority fighter or a deep strike platform developed by Shenyang Aircraft Design Bureau (601).

On the other hand, the aircraft has a strong verifier color, so the outside world also believes that since its publication in 2006, its mission may have evolved and may include the task of verifying the design and flight control laws for advanced manned fighter aircraft. It is also a high-surviving, high-speed target platform that can be used for training.

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Any thoughts if the drone will be used for Aerial target practice...


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on a number of things, including drones used to simulate stealth aircraft and FC-31's RCS. Someone else can translate.
Q: What level did the previous drone model simulate?

pb: Simulate the level of F22 and B2 ...

The first is the rainbow 805 [CH-805] stealth drone, simulating B2, which has omnidirectional stealth performance. Maximum flying speed of 750 km per hour

The third is the Sky 20 stealth drone, which simulates F22 and has a maximum flying speed of Mach 1.8. Use ceiling 18000. . Has a supersonic cruise capability. It is smaller than the [FC-31], and is mainly used for testing air to air weapons. Radar reflector minimum 0.001
Q: Yes, thank you. I do not know if this drone is also mimicry to get rid of maneuvering?

pb: Right, we must also simulate the trajectory. . . . . Simulated flight characteristics (such as supersonic cruising long sky 20 can cruise for long periods of time) Radar reflector characteristics These are the characteristics. . . .

The main performance and features of the target aircraft that embodies the basic performance and anti-jamming ability of the fourth-generation fighter are as follows.

1) Small RCS target characteristics, forward ±30° radar reflector less than 0.01 m2.

2) Large maneuverable flight characteristics requiring horizontal overload 8g for 40 s, or 10g overload for 10 s.

3) High-altitude and high-speed flight requires a flight altitude of more than 18,000 m and a speed of M1.2 to M2.

This is a design indicator. . . .
Q: 8g40s, 10g/10 seconds, the target's ability to lay down the target, the real machine is difficult to escape.

pb: The PL10 stereotyped test requires that such targets can reach hit rates above XX%. . . . .
Plus, an
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about a CCTV report that was posted to
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, showing what is described as drones designed to simulate the F-22.