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Had no idea. Just saw it on a video.

You can delete it if you want.

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Commenting on the article.

The US AP1000 nuclear reactor construction in China had lots of issues. There were issues with cracked impeller blades that were imported for example. This delayed the introduction into service of those reactors in China. Then you had the Fukushima incident. The whole program suffered a deep review. I doubt CAP1000 construction will rely on foreign supplied components anymore. There is also the question of how safe these reactors really are. The Westinghouse design lacks some safety features to make it cheaper to build. For example it doesn't have a core catcher.

As for the Russian VVER reactors. I think there was a long standing agreement for Russia to build four more reactors in the Tianwan NPP after the initial four. After China ended up building two of its own design ACPR-1000 nuclear reactors at Tianwan NPP, they only ordered two more VVER reactors there, and the other two were built at the Xudabao site where the AP1000 was supposed to be built. The reason why this was done was probably because of site preparation and licensing issues. They basically chose to put the reactors at an already prepared site to expedite construction.

The paper is implying that it makes no economic or technical sense for China to invest in the fast reactors. So of course it is because China needs those reactors to make plutonium for nuclear weapons. This is clearly BS. China does not have enough uranium resources in the country proper. And scaling nuclear power to meet a large fraction of the demand of such a huge country as China cannot be done without fast reactors. Fast reactors allow extracting 20x more energy from the same fuel.

Russia decided to stop construction of its BN-1200 sodium fast reactor several years ago. The BN-800 design didn't quite turn out successful as expected. It seems they had more success with the BN-600 design. So they basically designed to redesign the BN-1200.

The analysis the article does about Russian nuclear research where they look at publication statistics is kind of misleading. A lot of research in strategic sectors in Russia is done inside state laboratories and doesn't get published in open publications.

As for why Rosatom is building so many nuclear reactors abroad. I think people underestimate the amount of spare cash the Russians have from their hugely positive balance of trade. This is was just one way of investing that huge positive balance of trade into a long term investment which will lock in returns on the long term. The fact that it provides funding for the Russian nuclear industry and provides Russia with some sort of extra prestige and leverage with other countries is just an added bonus. The people who run Russia's financial system seem to be basically terrified of having high inflation. That is why Russia has the National Wealth Fund and makes these financial investments outside Russia in the first place.
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The Chinese Army has released footage of training exercises by a group of snipers from the 92nd Brigade of the 73rd Army of the Chinese Eastern Command. During the exercises, snipers used QBU-10 rifles. The Chinese QBU-10 sniper rifle, 12.7 mm caliber, was put into service in 2011. The rifle can be easily disassembled into its main components and can be carried in a backpack. According to Chinese sources, the firing accuracy of the QBU-10 rifle is about 2-3 arc minutes; the declared effective firing range against manpower is up to 1000 meters. Rifle length 1380 mm, rifle barrel 780 mm, weight without cartridges 13.3 kg. The rifle magazine capacity is 5 rounds.



A brochure on an intelligence gathering and assessment software.

– Item "02" on the printed page is appears to describe a use case in which the software is deployed to monitor B-52 bomber movements using open source information. The software monitors and gathers information on flight movements, weapons load out, and so on, and combines the collected information with existing 'classified' intel to make assessments on B-52's mission profiles.
– Item "03" appears to describe the software being used to monitor the ongoing Russo-Ukraine war. It collects 'reliable' open source information to give timely intelligence on troop movements, current operations, weapons deployment, as well as news on political/military figures and other relevant intel, all done to give a real-time overview of and assessment on the conflict. The software is able to present granular information such as daily front changes since the beginning of the conflict. Other interesting features include: 1) a database containing intel on more than 10,000 individuals/participants relevant to the conflict; 2) can accurately (accuracy ≥90%) present relevant information based on specific queries; 3) intel monitoring and collection on Ukrainian military enterprises and armaments production; 3) an orbat database (?) containing over 2,000 sets of data on Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian militaries.