China's Defense/Military Breaking News Thread


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To be fair to Astra, the way you said it did sound like Blitzo and Deino directly helped Battle Order. If person A were to get info from person B, one would typically assume that person A got it from person B directly rather than indirectly.
Fair point. I’ll make sure that I add plenty of disclaimers and clarifications to my posts from now on so lurkers can understand everything and won’t spew BS on other message boards.


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Do you guys think it has to do with things like this? It seems really specific to me.

I watched a few of his china related videos, they seem more like he got his info from watching cctv vids and random internet searches then making some guesses. On his video about pla marine, he claim that a stvol jet is coming soon for the type75 and showed a decade old fanpic.. so..... you get the idea.


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If you're talking this post, siege was joking

So either Astra missed it too or he's just deliberately misconstruing :D

Technically he did use the work of a member here as a source, though the work used was created before they made an account here...
Before watching the video: They used my diagram without giving me credit?!?!
After watching the video: They've seen my diagram but still managed to produced this, how is this possible...