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Does anybody has foots on the ground in Guangdong or is more knowledgable?

This dude is Pro CPC but in this video he addresses a real problem of high competetive systems like shenzhen have. Without adequate social nets that catch those who have given up on themselves, what will happen to these people? Is there a directive from CPC to alleviate this?


If there would be something left from the grind that is.
Most of the rural workers can probably afford a new house and start a small business in their home province after working a few years in Shenzhen. It is a trade off. Not a pretty one either. But for them, it is better than being farmers or working in small factories near their home.

I don't think it is that bad anymore. At least, rural residents now have healthcare. It used to be a death sentence when you got really sick but now rural residents can go to any urban hospitals for treatments and only paying a portion as their home provincial government would cover the rest. Unlike Beijing and Shanghai, Shenzhen was never rank high in education or healthcare or retirement or affordability.

I have been to Shenzhen a few times when I was little. Let just say that Shenzhen isn't a place for most people long term. It is like Hong Kong. Shenzhen is just a temporary home for many.


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First of all, rampant piracy makes many people think it's reasonable to play games without spending money.
Last year, an internal document(PTT presentation) about the game audit standard was leaked.

The proposals in my original link were made by the Ministry of Commerce which usually has different goals compared to the regulatory department. One of the proposals was to formulate better IP copyright policies to protect original works and to help deter piracy.
As for the censorship rules, I don't think it's strictly enforced 100%. The regulators do have some leeway for local companies in regards to content creation. There was another proposal to help companies develop high quality cultural products suitable for consumers which might mean some of the restrictions will be gradually loosened to give more creative space for companies to operate in.

IMO, all or most of these proposals will likely be finalized at the upcoming 20th National Congress. Probably need to wait for the final document to see the whole picture.


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Serious question for @NiuBiDaRen
Where did you find the first video. This video kept getting promoted to me on youtube, even though my youtube is mostly all political content. I looked at the thumbnail and was confused why this 40-year-old lady is explaining hookups. I finally got annoyed and clicked it, I could barely listen for a minute since her slurred speech was pissing me off. This video has 2M views, wtf? Who would watch this video? It's even weirder since the rest of her videos is like 50k views.

Is this a psyop campaign? Or is youtube promoting me weird videos cause you watched it and I clicked on the other youtube videos you shared on this forum?


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2022-07-28 Editor : Li Yan


(Photo provided to China Daily)

A video of a 66-year-old man called Erjiu has gone viral on Chinese social media after his nephew Tang Hao shared the man's condensed but heartstring-tugging life story on short-video platform Bilibili on Monday.

Using the name "Yigecaixiang", Tang uses witty storytelling in the 11-minute video to convey the experiences of Erjiu, which translates as second-oldest maternal uncle. The man, who uses a cane due to a longtime disability, is portrayedas a common hero who never bows to life's difficulties, but strives instead to lead a full and meaningful village life.

In the video, Erjiu is shown as a "young genius" who always performed well academically at school during childhood. However, while he was a teenager, a high fever was misdiagnosed and he was given the wrong medicine, which resulted in Erjiu losing the use of his left leg.

Erjiu, who lay in bed in low spirits for one year afterward, then learned carpentry by watching a carpenter going about woodworking tasks for three days, and he later did woodworking in the village and the town. Around the time of reform and opening-up, which began in the late 1970s, Erjiu came to Beijing and did some woodworking for soldiers.

When Erjiu's two young sisters got married, he made them furniture, which was a luxurious gift for young women living in the countryside in the 1980s.

Erjiu didn't get married, but adopted a little girl and named her Ningning. He drained his savings — over 100,000 yuan ($14,800) — to buy Ningning a house when she got married 10 years ago, and was happy to do so.

"He couldn't give Ningning a good or decent education, but now she is the most filial one in the village," Tang says in the video.

According to Tang, it would be inaccurate to merely define Erjiu as a carpenter, since he demonstrated his broader skills by fixing an electrical socket patch panel, a gas stove and a toy car during the three days the video was shot in the village. He also makes erhu — a traditional Chinese musical instrument — with wood, using fishing line for strings and snakeskin as covering.

Erjiu, who said that he never felt sorry for himself despite his difficulties, now takes care of his 88-year-old mother. At the end of the video, Tang shares a sentence that Erjiu found in a book decades ago: "Be determined and not afraid of sacrifice to overcome all difficulties and win the final success."

Erjiu's self-reliance and tenacity not only moved Tang, but also have touched the hearts of millions of online viewers. As of Wednesday, the video had been viewed more than 23.8 million times, and was given around 3.65 million likes on Bilibili.

"He has constantly faced difficulties and mishaps in his life but always tackled them with his wisdom and positive attitude," Chen Pei, 28, who is from Beijing, told China Daily. "He never complained about the injustice of fate. ... Thinking about us young people, we have a better material life, but deficient spiritual guidance. In fact, the video encourages me and gives me quite strong power to strive for a better life, since I have a sound body and I'm still young."

Geng Xiangshun, founder of the Sichuan Zhixin Youth Social Innovation Organization and an online celebrity at Sina Weibo, commented after watching the video that "we should praise people who bravely face life and fight with fate after suffering mishaps, like Erjiu".

Geng said Erjiu's story epitomizes the lives of millions of average people, and the story of his experiences resonates with the public and inspires people to admire his strong spirit, which also inspires people to move forward.

Tang, the video's creator, posted on his Bilibili account on Wednesday morning that so much attention from the public made him a bit nervous, and that Erjiu's adopted daughter, Ningning, has taken Erjiu and his mother somewhere else so they won't be disturbed.