China need a new geopolitical Doctrine ?

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I have often said before that China needs to focus and can still grow and continue to develop well by focusing heavily on its domestic market.

"Confronted with an increasingly hostile external environment post-coronavirus, Beijing plans to reduce China’s reliance on the outside world and focus on its domestic market for economic growth."


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There's not much of an alternative to the status quo (for Australia anyway). It won't last forever; sooner rather than later, changes will be happening. But it'll simply depend on how the elections go and whether "America First" continues under Trump 2.0/Biden.

A second rate middle power who can't even handle Indonesia doesn't count that much. They are just like a pair of sagging balls swinging between two big powers depending on who knocks them harder. Aussie dollar strictly follows china's growth. You have to lick the hand that feeds you. Just quietly lick like Kiwis - they no longer have to fear competition taking away their livelihood.

Ash the rational

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We don't think North East belong to India either. It is part of us.
So is super power US going to help us against world's biggest ultra democracy India?
Or the "democracies" shouldn't pick a fight among themselves, instead follow US lead to counter commie China?
We arent interested in your cat fights go nuke each other who cares


And yet, to my question:

you replied:

You assumed that China will break the deal again. Shouldn't you assume China will not break the deal again until you see concrete things?
Or rephrase it this way, you don't think you should not assume that China will break the deal again until you see concrete things?

Basically, I'm not saying China will break the deal or not. I'am saying there is lot of hype about the deal.
CHina is more interested to appease US than to challenge US trough a real CSP with Iran.
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