China Flanker Thread II


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This is the translation of that Japanese Twitter post using Google.
"> The test of J-11D has not been completed, but there is information that J-11E is being developed as a further development of J-11D. If development progresses smoothly, it shows the prospect that deployment will be possible at the fastest after 2020 (continued)"

This is an hand edited machine translation of the relevant section of that Chinese article.
However, due to poor quality control, the development progress of J-11B was greatly delayed. After delivery in 2007, it took a full 2-3 years to solve some problems that should have been solved at the beginning, and only in recent years has it approached full readiness. As a result, the maturation of the J-11B took too long, and three and a half generation fighters have already appeared in large numbers when mass deliveries began. This has also led to the J-11D project facing a huge hurdle, that is, it is already obsolete even before it matures. China's acquisition of the Su-35SK fighter aircraft in 2016 has brought a huge impact on the J-11D. Two heavy air-to-air combat fighters with similar positioning, one has not yet completed the test stage, and the other has already attained initial combat operations by the end of 2017. It is clear which side has the advantage.

J-11D is said to improve the position and development of J-11E, but it is 2018, even if the J-11E can go smoothly, it will not be delivered until 2020 at the earliest. At that time, J-11E will face not the imported domestic counterparts like Su-35SK, but the stealth fourth generation aircraft like J-20. If the J-11E is only used as a weapons carrier for J-20, such as F-15 2040C, then it is obvious that the expensive electronic system of J-11E will become a burden, and it is much cheaper to improve the J-11B to meet the requirements. The J-11E is also unlikely to achieve the flexibility of the dual-seat J-16 in the multi-role field, and its positioning will be awkward. At the same time, with the existing depth of strategic cooperation between China and Russia, it is entirely possible to further improve the operation and combat system of the Su-35SK to adapt it to Chinese Air Force requirements. Then the biggest shortcomings of the Su-35SK can be remedied, and the chances for the J-11E would look expensive and remote. To adapt to the air combat environment of 2020-2040, the single-seat J-11 series may gradually come to the end of development.
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The J-16 would certainly be useful in the anti-shipping role. The engines have about as much dry thrust as the H-6 engines and only slightly less than the H-6K engines but with afterburner and higher thrust-to-weight. The only limitation for it as a bomber is the airframe which is optimized for multi-role tasks. So it can carry less weight than the H-6.
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Some high-resolution Sino-Flanker photos...

That's such a beautiful, elegant airframe, I remember the first F-15 I saw fly over my Uncle Henry's farm, he was low, about 3000 ft, and in my teenage mind, I thought what the hell is a Mig-25 doing flying up here?? shocked the krap right out of me....

Course the good old Air Force Magazine filled in all the blanks, we are only 35 nautical North of McDonald Aircraft, now come Boeing? (yes that still seems a little weird to me), and in the weeks and months to follow, I was able to observe the F-15 doing its thing, and making a hell of a racket over the farm... and fell totally in love with the F-15.... I remember the McDonald Douglas factory demo bird, red, white, and blue paint, shooting touch and goes at Scott AFB, no drama, flaps down, gear down, speed brake up, roll the wheels, smooth, speed brake retract, throttles up, rotate, gear up, and away she goes, NO DRAMA, just awesome smooth power, and yes the F-15 is still an awesome airplane!

The F-4 never really torched my desire, it does now, but did not then, yes the F-14 is gorgeous in the same way as the Flanker, and to be honest I was a little disappointed, (only a very little as I AM the Air Force Brat), to learn that the F-15 would clean the F-14s clock, any day of the week..

I was impressed with the Mig-29, loved that dumb thing, (I don't know why), and then along comes the sexiest, sweetest 4th Gen, looks like its going Mach 2 sitting on the ramp, those first Su-27s where dolls, and then the Russians hit the airshow circuit, "Holy Cow!", they did things I would never have dreamed a high performance jet fighter would/could do?? (remember, I grew up with T-33, F-100, A-4, F-104, F-105, then the F-4, first time I saw the Blues fly, was on Little Rock Air Force Base, around 70 or 71,,, yes I was impressed with that blue and yellow paint, and all those crew chiefs with their bottles of simple green cleaning those chicks and those gentlemen put on a "hell of an airshow".

So along comes the Su-27, Su-30, and then OVT, oh my?? dang that's a tough airframe, and it wants to fly? and remember the Russians are consummate showman, they are scary kool! (yes they dinged a few airplanes, in public no less) anyway, I love these Chinese Flankers, clean and sweet, even without OVT these are very maneuverable airplanes, and gorgeous beyond words, so for all you cats that can't wait to put the J-11B behind you, its an awesome airplane, it really is, and all these new Flankers prove is what an adaptable airframe the Flanker really is...

Yes, I like the Su-35 with its canards and OVT, canards now gone though, but these Chinese Flankers are very slik, and the attention to detail is obvious...