China Flanker Thread II


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Gee people actually believe that old graph? I mean, at least come up with something like what I've posted at CDF. :confused:View attachment 6143

hint?few month before the military parade , posted row of picture,about the air force plane going to take part in parade.among the picture was J-11,brief statement claim that the radar system has 450km detection range.this kind of range suggest AESA.
possible some J-11 unit may already equip with AESA,but it could be demontration squardon.


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No Numbers, No Engine Photos-Your Guess Is As Good As Mine


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according australia airpower,Phozotron offering Zhuk-ASE AESA to PLAAF to retrofit J-11 and SU-30MK,but to date there is no response from PLAAF,which could be hint about PLAAF own AESA radar program for J-11.