China balloon & Airship Development


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I think overall this whole saga opens up interesting scenario for China. Due to the low cost to operate those balloons China can probably maintain a line of them across the entire Pacific and it will cost disporportional amount of resources for the US to shoot them all down. Essentially a cheaper and less survivable satellite.


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Sino-Shahed balloons? Unlimited range, 3000 km range from firing point with gliding, 20k cost. launch 10k of these on a route, self location and target identification requires only knowing self coordinates and fixed coordinates, firing triggered by satellite or auto...


The second chinese balloon spotted over Latin America recently went down in the ocean to the east of the continent
China quietly destroyed a high-flying spy balloon last month over the Atlantic Ocean in waters off South America, somehow downing an airship previously spotted over Costa Rica at about the same time a platform that appeared identical was transiting the United States last month, according to senior military officials.
This development adds an intriguing postscript to the Chinese spy-balloon saga -- implying Beijing potentially had the ability to activate a self-destruct mechanism
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