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bangladesh said:
as far as i know i read articles saying BAF will get 12 FC1, another said we have already place an oder for FC1

good to see FC1 and JF17 in our air force in future
lols....JF-17 & FC-1 are same AirCrafts. FC-1 is Chinese version & is for PLAAF only. JF-17 is Pakistani version but the export version also has been awarded the same name.

bangladesh said:
well 12 is the starting but we could buy and there are certain rumors that BAF will replace all the F7's with JF17-FC1 , up to 50 to 100 ac as BAF is under moderizaton program will take a long time
12 is reasonable...since BAF JF-17s will be produced at PAC,Kamra it seems it will have to be arround that number. Kamra's 1st priority is to Produce 150 JF-17s for PAF. CAC is busy with its 200 FC-1s & an order from Algeria which seems to have been approaved.

I think 50 would be enough, 100 seems quite alot but than I think Pak & China would be happy to export that much.

If Pakistan (& Italy) allow Griffo-M to be installed on BAF's JF-17 than 50 of them is very good, they'll have a good range. But I doubt any BVR missile from either China or Pak would be allowed. not atleast early on.

BAF should be commissioned to PAF by the end of 2006 n early 2007 for 1st hand training on JF-17s.
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