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Bangladesh to purchase 8 more Chinese F-7MG fighters

Dhaka | February 28, 2005 5:04:42 PM IST
The Bangladesh government has finalised plans to purchase eight China made F-7 MG fighter planes for its air force.

According to a Bangla language newspaper report, "negotiation was on at the official level between the two countries for the procurement" of the aircraft.

The daily Prothom Alo, quoting an unnamed source at the Bangladesh Air Force headquarters, said that the discussions for the purchase of these aircraft had been on for some time, and it had been agreed that Dhaka was going in for the Chinese aircraft to make its air defences more reliable.

Bangladesh now has 16 F-7 (MB) fighter planes in the Air Force, according to informed sources.

The newspaper reported that a delegation from the Chinese company that produces the fighters has already visited Bangladesh.

In 2000, the previous government purchased nine Russian made MIG-29 fighters. The Khaleda Zia-led government subsequently filed a corruption case against former prime minister Sheikh Hasina and a number of army officials for committing alleged irregularities while formalising the deal. (ANI)

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well it says that we have 9 mig29 but it is wrong
we have 6 mig29 ASE and 2 mig29 UB

3 mig29 are flying and the other 5 need maintaince
some rumors are there that germany upgraded our mig29

i really not sure if we already got the delivery of the 8 F7 mg


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AWC: C4I and Air Defense Automation System


The Air Defense Automation System has been indigenously developed by Air Weapons Complex (AWC). The designed system collects information from all Air Defense sensors and radars, processes it, converts it into a standard format and displays it in real time at any desired location. The system architecture is independent of space, time and communication medium. The Command and Control System provides an environment for multiple functions to operate on the same hardware platform and share data via a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN).

The System allows the Commander to a view a fused picture of his complete Area Of Responsibility (AOR). It is a compilation of data from all Air Defense sensors, combined with battle plan, projection overlays, and any other data that is available, including:
current locations and planned movement operations of ground, maritime and air units of friendly, neutral, and enemy forces
generated features and projections (e.g. battle plans, operating zones)

Our engineers work closely with the customers to provide them customized, open, flexible and cost-effective solutions to their Air Defense Automation System requirements. AWC provides comprehensive Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) throughout the life cycle of the System.

Seamless integration with C4I systems.
Network centric design allowing self-forming and self-healing network (user can enter or leave the network dynamically).
Complete Air Situation Display (ASD).
User friendly and compact Graphical User Interface.
The System can be operated in different modes (Operator, Commander etc.)
Personnel training under simulation mode.
Scenario recording and replay facility.
Communication with lower and higher command centers.
Advanced GIS support.
Multiple layer architecture (Display of multiple maps).
Map features e.g. map loading, map editing, map color changing etc.
Preset and programmable zoom buttons.
Display of Latitude/Longitude, Georef and Grid System.
True battlefield scenario support.
Display of track history during interception operation. User can switch on/off history of track.
Track symbol indicating its category.
Track type indicates the threat status of the track.
Tactical interception aids available.
Radar on/off option.
Aircraft Plot Suppression Area (PSA).
Non-automatic track initiation area.
Weapons (SAM/AAA) status monitoring.
Use of commercial technologies.
Ergonomically designed Command and Control Console.
Easy maintenance.

AWC's Multi Radar Tracker (MRT) uses state-of-the-art tracking algorithms to detect and track all modern, fast and highly maneuverable targets, hence forming an integral part of C4I and Air Defense Automation System. It works effectively in high clutter environments and displays real time information for any command & control function. It can handle 2000 plots and 1000 tracks. This capability can be further enhanced due to scalable design of the Tracker. It can be integrated simultaneously with homogenous and heterogeneous radars.

The Tracker automatically initiates and reliably tracks maneuvering targets. The tracks initiation and maneuvering detection is enhanced with multiple sensors. The trackers update the display information at a high rate to form a true, accurate and complete Air Situation Display (ASD) for all air-defense and air-traffic control operations.

The main functions of the MRT algorithm include:

Inferring the presence of valid targets from a series of plots and tracks received from different radars.

Calculating optimally by the sensor the true trajectories of the target in presence of uncertainties imposed by the sensor as well as aircraft dynamics.
Recognizing and rejecting false targets.

Successfully tracking and predicting the optimal estimates of the target in the presence of clutter and false alarms.

Displaying target tracking information.

Forming correct association between tracks and observation from radars in different environment.

Successfully tracking the target during extreme conditions of fast maneuver, formations, miss detection, cross-overs etc.

Fusing information from multiple radars of different ranges, resolutions, scan times and other radars parameters.

Analyzing the influence of sensor modeling, radar processor design, and change of other system parameters on algorithm design.


AWC has developed Mobile Command and Control Centers for Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control Operations. AWC has designed rugged rack mount hardware suitable for mission critical operations for mobile command and control centers. AWC has performed complete thermal, reliability and vibration analysis of the System.

AWC’s Command and Control Consoles are suitable for critical defense applications. The multi-functional Command and Control Consoles are suitable for mobile ground systems, surface ships and aircraft. It comprises an ergonomically designed rugged chassis, which functions as a protective shell for the electronics inside. It can be used in a variety of C4I applications.


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Bangladesh PM inaugurates Pak made Air Defence System
Associated Press of Pakistan, 2005

ISLAMABAD Mar 17 : Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Begum Khalida Zia inaugurated the Air Defense Control & Command System prepared by Air Weapon Complex (AWC), Pakistan in Dhaka on Thursday.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by AWC team led by Director General, AWC, Air vice Marshal, Raja Tariq Mehmood.

Bangladesh floated a tender for Air Defense Automation System with integrate War gaming for Bangladesh Air Force, AWC’s technical and financial proposal was deemed as the most attractive and a contract was signed between AWC and Bangladesh government in June, 2003.

AWC a constituent organization of National Engineering & Scientific Commission (NESCOM) also conducted comprehensive and detailed operational maintenance training of Bangladesh Air Force personnel in Pakistan. Additionally an ongoing training program has also been conducted in Bangladesh.

As a fresh milestone in its journey of glory AWC has succeeded in indigenous development of command and Control system. Given the local development of the system, AWC does not depend on any foreign company agency for supply or support, hence ensuring an uninterruptible supply, support and maintenance of the system.

The salient feature of this system is its reliability under all weather/geographical conditions. It provides the commander easier to make necessary adjustments in operation plan. The system’s competence, reliability, mobility and all we weather friendliness proven during its trials deeply impressed our brotherly country Bangladesh and AWC’s aggressive marketing persuaded Bangladesh to purchase the system for its Air Force.

Air Weapons Complex (AWC), is an enterprising young organization with its roots going back to 1992. Although, still a nascent organization, it has established itself as a leader in the field of support systems and air defense for the Armed Forces of Pakistan.


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Bangladesh inducts Made in Pakistan air defence system:

[World News]: Islamabad, Mar. 18 : The Bangladesh Air Force has inducted a Pakistan made all-weather Air Defence Command and Control system.

According to the Nation, the system had been developed in the Air Weapon Complex (AWC) and operational trials of the system were completed in Pakistan before handing them over to Bangladesh.

"The system's competence, reliability, mobility and all weather friendliness proven during its trials persuaded Bangladesh to purchase the system for its Air Force," the paper quoted an official press statement as saying.

The statement also claimed that the system was not dependent on any foreign agency for supply or support and that was why there wouldn't be any problem regarding supply, support and maintenance of the system in the future.

The contract for delivery of the system was signed between AWC and the Bangladesh Government in June 2003 following the floating of the tender for Air Defence Automation System with Integrated War gaming for Bangladesh Air Force by the Bangladesh government. (ANI)

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Bangladesh’s Chechens-for-MiGs deal
4 October 2004: To get at six Chechen terrorists hiding in Bangladesh, Russia will sell five MiG-27s and ten MI-35s and MI-17s to Bangladesh, putting a three-year-old request on fast track, and India’s only concern is the MiGs can be used for reconnaissance and surveillance.

Russian intelligence tracked the six Chechens from Pakistan to Bangladesh, but before receiving a SVR security team to hunt them down, Bangladesh sought a formal security pact with Russia, and since this hinted at arms sales, Russia also cleared the fighter-bomber and helicopter exports.

The helicopters could have a role in anti-terrorist operations, but diplomats could not explain the need for MiG-27s, which in any case are used, and would be stripped of the more lethal munitions, but Bangladesh is paying forty per cent in advance for the equipment and the rest in installments.

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PM wants extended defence cooperation between Pakistan, Bangladesh

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has said that defence cooperation between Pakistan and Bangladesh needs to be enhanced as both the countries can share each others' expertise and experiences adding that this cooperation will also promote peace in the region.

He was talking to the Chief of Air Staff of Bangladesh, Air Vice Marshal Fakhar-ul-Azam, who called on him at the Prime Minister's House on Saturday.

He said that there was no limit to cooperation between the two countries in every field. He informed that Pakistan believed in peace with all its neighbours, which can be achieved through strength and not weakness. He said that the country was maintaining a minimum credible deterrence and promoting use of modern technology to meet its defence requirements.

Stressing the need for promoting the existing cooperation between the two countries, he called for sharing of each others' experiences in line with the memorandum of understanding signed during President Pervez Musharraf's visit to Dhaka.He went on to say that constant upgrading of technology was essential for keeping defence preparedness at the optimum level. He said that Pakistan and China were jointly developing the JF-17 Fighter, which will have the necessary capabilities for meeting the defence requirements. This plane would also be available in the export market to meet the requirements of our friendly countries, he noted.

He underlined that Pakistan and Bangladesh share a common heritage, history, faith and culture. Both Pakistan and Bangladesh being members of the SAARC are committed to economic development in the region and sharing of best practices. He said he was looking forward to the next SAARC summit scheduled to be held in Dhaka in November this year to build on the initiatives taken in SAARC meeting held in Islamabad last year.

Chief of Air Staff of Bangladesh said that both the air forces maintain close cooperation in training, maintenance and also sharing their experiences. He said that the existing cooperation between the two countries will be further promoted through exchange of expertise and training in the days to come.

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as far as i know i read articles saying BAF will get 12 FC1, another said we have already place an oder for FC1

good to see FC1 and JF17 in our air force in future


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well 12 is the starting
but we could buy and there are certain rumors that BAF will replace all the F7's with JF17-FC1 , up to 50 to 100 ac
as BAF is under moderizaton program
will take a long time